Colorado’s Radical Sex Education Bill Moves Through Legislature

In 2013, Colorado enacted a controversial comprehensive sex education policy, but legislation has been proposed that will go even further.

Colorado’s radical, LGBT-friendly sex education bill, HB 1032, specifically prohibits religious, moral, and ethical perspectives on sex from being discussed in the classroom. That means teachers and students are not only prohibited from talking about abstinence, but also prohibited from excluding abortion when discussing crisis pregnancy options. Plus, it teaches children as young as nine years old details about LGBT relationships, including teaching them how to “consent” to sex acts.

There are also no provisions allowing parents to opt their children out of the instruction. In fact, parents don’t need to be notified when schools have lessons on gender expression and the like.

Says Autumn Leva of Family Policy Alliance and Debbie Chaves of Colorado Family Action in an op/ed for the Colorado Springs Gazette, “It’s beginning to look like Planned Parenthood’s fingerprints are all over this bill. It’s the perfect business model for them—develop a curriculum that encourages sexual interaction and experimentation between children, use lobbying and political capital to convince politicians to mandate the curriculum in schools, teach children about sex products at a young age, and ensure repeat customers.”

HB 1032 has already been passed through the Colorado House floor and is working its way through the Senate.

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