Citizen Stewardship Sunday

On Tuesday, May 4th, something is going to take place that will affect every county across the state. It’s important. And for Christians it should be a matter of stewardship. So that’s why we’re calling for action on Sunday, May 2nd.

The important event on May 4th is the primary election for local government offices will be that day. Unfortunately, many people don’t vote in the primary for these offices. But primaries are important. Often times the primary determines who will hold these local offices, not the general election in August, because there are only candidates from one party running. For example, by analogy, while my election in 1994 was to a state office, I was elected to the Senate by virtue of winning the primary because no one from the other party qualified for the general election.

But our vote is not just important to the candidates and to our local communities; it is also important to God. It is important to God because, for the Christian, voting should be considered an act of stewardship.

As Christians we believe that, in the final analysis, all power wherever found and exercised comes from God. And God, in His providence, has allowed us to hold a measure of power and authority under our form of government, namely, the “power of the ballot box.”

So, even as Christians understand that we are to steward our time, talent and treasures as all being ultimately gifts from God, so too we should steward the authority we hold as citizens. Voting and casting as informed a vote as possible is a tangible expression of that “citizen stewardship.”

Accordingly, we have designated this Sunday, May 2nd, as “Citizen Stewardship Sunday” in the hope that churches across Tennessee will, at the very least, remind congregates of the election next Tuesday. We have a prepared a bulletin insert that we hope churches will find useful for this purpose. And we’ve prepared a brief video (click this link or view above) that your church might want to use.

Join us in helping get the word out about the primary election on Tuesday, May 4th.