Christian Fined for Violating Sharia Law

Landlord John Alabi of Ontario, Canada, was fined $12,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal as a result of a religious discrimination complaint filed by two former Muslim tenants because he did not remove his shoes before entering their apartment. The Muslim couple had planned to move out of the apartment so Alabi agreed that he would text them before coming over to show the apartment. However, when the couple stopped responding to his text messages, Alabi arrived to show it to a potential tenant and failed to remove his shoes before entering. For that, Alabi is being penalized. The Muslim couple waited eight months before filing the grievance.

Alabi, a Christian who works two jobs, has since sold the apartment. The father of three does not have the money needed to pay the fine and asks, “What about my rights to show my place so I could rent it and put food on the table for my family?”

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