A Christian Facebook and Twitter Alternative

One Christian tech wizard and entrepreneur in California, Steven Andrew, is using a crowdfunding page to raise money to create a social media platform that would be the Christian alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

The goal of this new USA.Life would be to foster religious liberty, faith, and other principles on which our country was founded, values that have largely been censored recently by the popular social media networks.

USA.Life would be free for users but would also offer a paid level for more features. The yet-to-be-launched social media network could be released as early as this summer if it reaches its fundraising goal of $778,000. Along with the new social media platform, Andrew wants to develop the search engine 1776Free that would reveal results often hidden by Google.

If Andrew is able to get these Christian-based resources out to people of faith, the question would be how quickly Christian personalities, organizations, and businesses would make the switch to a new platform.

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