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FACT Launches 2012 Tennessee Voter Education Headquarters

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (July 12, 2012) —The Family Action Council of Tennessee, Inc. announced today the launch of its non-partisan 2012 Voter Education Headquarters.

“With voters heading to the polls tomorrow, we want to do our part to make sure that they know as much as possible about the candidates running for the state legislature,” said David Fowler, President of the Family Action Council of Tennessee. Mr. Fowler said that the website’s information is nonpartisan, including answers from every candidate, Democrat and Republican, who responded to their survey, as well as links to the candidates’ websites.

Mr. Fowler said that he believes “the Voter Education Headquarters page on our website is a great tool for anyone looking for information about those running in the state legislative primaries because of the multiple features it offers.”

With redistricting shifting voters to new legislative districts, Mr. Fowler said that one important feature is that voters will have at their fingertips the tools they need to quickly find out what district they are in.

The website also allows citizens to find the surveys of just those candidates who are running for office in their district, along with an easy to read side-by-side comparison of the candidates’ answers.  “We want to eliminate the frustration I’ve experienced myself of having to read through a long list of candidates in an effort to find the ones in your district, and then having to read small, jammed together lines of answers requiring you to remember what each numbered question was about.”

Another feature Mr. Fowler noted was direct links to every state legislative candidate running in the primary that has a website or Facebook page. “We think this feature is important to help voters easily find out additional information about a particular candidate without having to spend time surfing the web. With our great team of volunteers, we’ve been able to do that surfing for them,” Mr. Fowler said.The 2012 Tennessee Voter Education Headquarters website is available at

silhouette of a man and woman reading newspapers with words press statement underneath on gray background

Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Profoundly Wrong

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (June 28, 2012) —David Fowler, President of the Family Action Council of Tennessee, issued the following statement on today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as “Obamacare.”

“Today’s decision should be alarming to all Tennesseans, as it undermines freedom of conscience based on religious beliefs, limits individual liberty, increases the federal debt, and advances the Obama administration’s pro-abortion agenda.

Tennesseans’ tax dollars will now be used to subsidize insurance coverage of elective abortions, and insurance plans will be required to provide free abortion-inducing pills. Our citizens will be forced to comply with this law and abandon their religious freedom, or resist and be punished with crippling fines. The decision is profoundly wrong both morally and legally.”