Canadian Couple Loses Foster Children Over Easter Bunny

When Christian Canadian couple Derek and Francis Baar refused to tell their foster children that the Easter Bunny was not real, Children’s Aid Society (CAS) of Ontario took the children from the parents with only a day’s notice.

The placement worker, Tracey Lindsay, apparently worried that because of the couple’s religious beliefs, they might act prejudicially toward a prospective homosexual couple adopting children.

The Baars then sued CAS because their religious beliefs had been violated; the Baars could not lie to their children. The couple sought no monetary damages, only a declaration that their rights had been violated and that they not be blackballed from future fostering.

In vindicating the couple, Judge Andrew Goodman noted in his order, “Given the disruption that these young children had already faced in their lives, there is no doubt that there was a need for stability, permanency, and care in their lives . . . . As [a CAS case worker] states in one of her case notes, ‘is it more important to have the Easter Bunny or permanency?’ The Society very clearly chose the Easter Bunny.”

In response to the ruling, CAS issued an apology. “We recognize what our mistakes were. We respect the decision of the court . . . and we have to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” said Executive Director Dominic Verticchio.

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