Canada Comes Up With Third Identifying Category for Passports

Don’t want to be considered male or female on your Canadian passport? No problem. Now you can simply choose “X” as an unspecified sex. At least eight other countries, including Australia and Germany, offer a third option on passports or national identification cards to appease the gender confused.

Interestingly, many LGBT activists want to do away with the sex marker altogether on all identification cards, which some believe could pose a security risk. Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist with Campaign Life Coalition, is very concerned about privacy issues that will result from genderless IDs. “Are we actually hearing people suggest the solution to the risks introduced by genderless passports and security documents is to force every citizen to agree to put their iris scans into a worldwide government database?” he points out. “No thanks. I prefer we just stick to science and accept that there are only two genders: hims and hers.”

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