California’s ‘Transgender’ Summer Day Camp for 4-Year-Olds

Rainbow Day Camp, a summer camp for “transgenders” in the San Francisco Bay area, has tripled its enrollment of children age 4-12 since it opened three years ago. The camp offers a “gender affirming” approach, letting kids choose their preferred pronoun, and offering a therapist for both gender-confused children and their parents if needed. Those pushing these “transgender” camps and gender clinics suggest that the growth of these services in the past decade points to an openness toward gender identity.

However, could it simply be a reaction of children following what society, including community leaders and parents, believe is socially acceptable? This gender-confused behavior could be nothing more more than attention-seeking youngsters wanting to feel special or unique rather than a demonstration of a child’s supposed gender identity, yet camps such as this exacerbate the child’s problem by treating it as the norm.

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