California School Board OKs ‘Transgender’ Books for Kindergartners

After an impassioned debate Monday night, the charter school board that governs California’s Rocklin Academy concluded that it would affirm the district’s literature selection policy and allow “transgender” books like I Am Jazz to be read to kindergartners during story time.

There was one caveat that was meant to appease concerned parents: Parents would be given advance notice if a potentially controversial subject matter would be discussed in class. While that sounds good, the policy only requires teachers to attempt to notify parents about controversial matters. Additionally, there are no repercussions if a teacher fails to do so, nor are there any provisions for a parent to opt their kindergartner out of “transgender” lessons.

California Family Council’s Greg Burt noted, “We knew it would be a long haul, and that initially they would reject our suggestions, but this is not the end of it.”

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