California Mall Removes Greg Laurie Crusade Billboards

Billboards advertising evangelist Greg Laurie’s upcoming August 17-19 crusade at Angel Stadium were removed from Fashion Island, an outdoor mall in Southern California, after several complaints and one “serious threat.”

The billboards featured an illustration of Greg Laurie holding a microphone in one hand and a Bible in the other, along with featured worship leaders and other information about the event. Nothing about the posters was intrinsically hateful, violent, or discriminating.

Nevertheless, a second version of the ad was submitted with no images, simply the words “Harvest,” the dates, and some of the musical artists’ names. The company refused to run the new ad and refunded Harvest’s money.

The Irvine Company advertising contract stated that “management reserves the right to not display any materials that could be constructed as vulgar or offensive.”

Said Harvest Executive Director John Collins, “It’s sad that our culture is at this degree of intolerance.”

This is the 29th year of the SoCal Harvest crusade and it typically draws 90,000–100,000 people.

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