CA Governor’s Wife Won’t Go by ‘First Lady’

The wife of newly elected Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom of California is following in her liberal husband’s footsteps by trying to sound inclusive. Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a filmmaker and liberal activist, said she wants to be addressed as the “First Partner” of California instead of the “First Lady.”

This should not be surprising given her role as the founder and CEO of The Representation Project, a group that focuses on “gender stereotypes and social injustices.” Interestingly, though, in trying to be sensitive to the homosexual couple contingent and those who separate gender from their biological sex, Ms. Newsom’s new title seems to fly in the face of the message she conveyed in her 2011 film Miss Representation. The film examined whether media contributes to what she believes is an underrepresentation of women in positions of influence.

Just goes to show how our culture’s gender-neutral agenda not only confuses everyone but also downplays the value and honor of the two sexes.

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