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In our blog, read about the political and cultural issues affecting Tennesseans written from a conservative perspective. Commentaries are typically written by David Fowler, an attorney who served in the Tennessee state Senate for 12 years before joining FACT as President.

Past Blogposts

political roller coaster

My Emotional Roller-Coaster Journey to Election Day

Judgment Day came for a number of political candidates yesterday. Having served in the Legislature for 12 years, I truly appreciate all those who offered themselves for our consideration, and I congratulate the winners. But, I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for a primary season at the state level to be over. It […]

Republican gubernatorial candidates (listed alphabetically from left to right): Diane Black, Randy Boyd, Beth Harwell, and Bill Lee wearing the same T-shirt

Summing Up the Republican Gubernatorial Primary

I don’t watch much television for fear it will rot my mind, but I’ve sure heard complaints about all the “negative” television ads and mail pieces paid for by some Republican gubernatorial hopefuls. Whether perceived by voters as negative or not, ads and literature that truthfully point out another candidate’s record provide helpful information. But […]

chalkboard and school books with campaign hat

The ‘Stinking Thinking’ of Politicians on Education

Recently, I sat in a meeting with some politicians and couldn’t help but think about what a Christian lawyer discussing religious liberty litigation said a few years ago, “Stupid for Jesus is still stupid.” It has stuck with me ever since. What I’ve heard from some politicians over the past several months is “stinking thinking,” […]

photos of Diane Black, Randy Boyd, and Bill Lee

Thoughts on the Republican Gubernatorial Primary

I’ve probably had more calls and emails about the Republican gubernatorial primary than any election in my 24 years in state politics. With so many going to the polls early, yet many looking for those last bits of information that will prove decisive in their decision, I wanted to jump ahead of next Friday’s commentary […]

Voting at the polls

Making Wise Use of Voter Education Materials

Trying to educate voters is a tricky business. Both the provider and recipients of candidate information can make assumptions about that information that can lead to wrong conclusions. Hopefully, this explanation will help as you consider my recent commentaries and look through the assortment of voter education materials that have been provided through the organizations […]

wallet and ultrasound of baby

Pro-Life Pocketbooks Speak Louder Than Words

If you vote Republican, then you’ve probably noticed that no Republican runs for office in Tennessee who is not pro-life. So, how might a voter in a Republican primary know which Republicans are pro-life in word or deed? Here are some thoughts when it comes to the Republican gubernatorial primary. Last week I urged readers […]

endorsing a candidate

Be Wary of Politicians Bearing Endorsements

I just gave some friends advice on deciding whom to vote for. One of my suggestions was not to give too much credence to endorsements by “political personalities.” One of the reasons I don’t give them much weight is demonstrated by the endorsement of Randy Boyd by my friend Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas. […]

God's arm trying to touch mankind's arm over an image of the White House and a man praying in the pews

The Cure Humanism and Humanistic Evangelicalism Can’t Provide

This week I end my series on whether America is dying—and it is—and the cure for its death—the Church again proclaiming the sovereignty of God over all things and the depth of humanity’s depravity. Of course, that answer is an anathema to Enlightenment thinkers who espouse human autonomy and the sufficiency of human reason to […]

hands of God and a gleaming cross

Why ‘Returning’ to ‘Christianity’ Isn’t Stupid

Today’s conservative-thinking adherents of the Enlightenment’s emphasis on human autonomy and the sufficiency of human wisdom are trying to figure out how to reverse what they perceive to be America’s slow march toward death, at least as the nation we have known. I’ve suggested that we give up Enlightenment thinking and return to a belief […]

hands of those from different cultures on the backdrop of the American flag with the Mexican flag fingerprint

The Intersection of Family and Immigration Enforcement

Last week I was commended by someone because my commentaries stuck to the Family Action Council of Tennessee’s focus on state laws and policies directly affecting the nature of marriage, the integrity of the family unit, the sanctity of life, and religious liberty. I was also chastised by someone for not speaking to federal “asylum” […]