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In our blog, read about the political and cultural issues affecting Tennesseans written from a conservative perspective. Commentaries are typically written by David Fowler, an attorney who served in the Tennessee state Senate for 12 years before joining FACT as President.

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The Intersection of Family and Immigration Enforcement

Last week I was commended by someone because my commentaries stuck to the Family Action Council of Tennessee’s focus on state laws and policies directly affecting the nature of marriage, the integrity of the family unit, the sanctity of life, and religious…

What Are We to Make of the ‘Muck’?

As our culture unwinds, some thoughtful conservatives are calling for a return to the Enlightenment’s principles of human autonomy (often couched as “liberty”). Others say those very principles will bring us to a societal dead-end if we don’t…
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Is Anyone Willing to Say What the Cure Is for a Dying America?

Jonah Goldberg’s latest book, Suicide of the West, contends that America is committing suicide by rejecting the Enlightenment’s emphasis on individual autonomy (liberty) and the sufficiency of human reason to build a better world. His critics suggest…
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Supreme Court Refuses to Bite on Wedding Cake Case

Religious conservatives had to have felt like they’d been left at the altar, so to speak, on Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision involving the refusal of Masterpiece Cakeshop’s owner, Jack Phillips, to make a custom wedding cake for a government-licensed…
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If America Is Dying, Why Is That?

Last week I focused on the debate that Jonah Goldberg’s newest book, The Suicide of the West, has generated, not about whether Western civilization and the United States are dying, but whether that death is a result of either rejecting or embracing…
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Are We Watching an America in the Throes of Death?

I do not say this morbidly, but the older I get (next month I’ll be 60!), the more attuned I become to what is really important. More than any other thing, the dust of death (Psalm 22:15) seems to focus our attention. Perhaps that is what drew my attention…
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Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court Decision Was a Federalism Doozy

This week the U.S. Supreme Court released an important Tenth Amendment decision, Murphy v. NCAA, that may have clear implications for the state’s lawsuit against the United States over the Refugee Act. It also might just overthrow the Court’s three-year-old…
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Is Mother’s Day an Anachronism That Must Go?

Although my mother has passed into eternity, I will still celebrate Mother’s Day, giving thanks to God for her and honoring my wife because of her own high calling as a mother. But driving into work this week, a radio commercial about buying jewelry…
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Is Your Legislator in the Big-Business Echo Chamber?

The overwhelming defeat of the mass transit referendum in Metro Nashville this week should serve as a lesson for the candidates for governor and the state Legislature. But they won’t learn if we don’t insist that they do. Here is how you can “school…
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Is There a Gospel Remedy for Our Present Ills?

Last week, I pointed to social and political phenomenon that I thought evidenced our slide into socialism. That slide, I said, would stop only if a new generation of Vivien Kellems arose, a people with the courage to stand against a totalitarian state;…

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