young lady, older man, middle-aged woman in red sweater, middle-aged man drinking coffee and words Hope for 2016

Why I Look to the New Year With Hope

As I reflect on some of what has happened in the last year and look to the New Year, I keep thinking of two quotes, one of which I aspire to have frame my attitude in the coming year. The first is from Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, […]

manger scene

What Really Makes Christmas a ‘Feel Good’ Story

As I re-read the “Christmas story” in Luke 2 this week, I realized that the romantic, sentimental version of the story to which I had grown accustomed generated positive sentiments that are far different from the first sentiments actually recorded in connection with the birth of Jesus. Instead, the first recorded sentiment was fear. The […]

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Tennessee Asserts Sovereignty on Amendment 1

As you probably know, the chair of Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee and some of its supporters filed a federal lawsuit this past summer to enjoin passage of Amendment 1, which voters adopted in November of last year. Planned Parenthood’s supporters argued the state Election Commission did not count the votes the way the state […]

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How to Shut Down the UT Inclusion Police

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion has been at it again. The same office that said we should stop using offensive personal pronouns like “he” and “she” in the fall recently rained a little of the Grinch spirit down on campus. And as before, UT will do nothing about it. […]

hands of a husband and wife, gavel, and HB 1412

Good Intentions Make for Bad Politics

I received a text from a legislator yesterday about a well-intentioned piece of legislation that I support in principle but, as written, could not vote for. It is Exhibit 1 for why the legislative process can churn out such bad laws and why we get so disgusted with our politicians. The situation is this. A […]

Thanksgiving table

Becoming a More Thankful Person, a Thanksgiving Day Reflection

As I think about today, I ask myself this question: “What is Thanksgiving for?” For some, it is simply a break from work. For others, it is a time to gather with friends or family or both, to enjoy one another’s company and our favorite foods, and to give thanks for the many blessings we’ve […]

image of Nashville with arrow pointing to map of Nineveh

Resisting Syrian Refugees and the Road from Nashville to Nineveh

I did not want to write this commentary, yet I dared not write it. We need to make sure as a state and nation that we’re not driving down the road from Nashville to Nineveh. Last Sunday afternoon, I was drawn to the short, oft-ignored book of Nahum in the Bible, and as I read, […]

classroom with words Hate Speech? written on chalkboard

Colleges (Including Vanderbilt) Are Reaping What They’ve Sown

What transpired at the University of Missouri earlier this week and what is now taking place at Vanderbilt University is a classic case of reaping what one has sown. Higher education has descended to a depth from which it cannot escape, because it has destroyed the very intellectual tools by which it could do so. […]

photo of Abraham Lincoln, wedding rings, and Obergefell v. Hodges

Yes, You Can Resist the Obergefell Marriage Decision!

In recent weeks, many have asked me if it is legally, constitutionally, and historically appropriate to resist the Supreme Court’s same-sex “marriage” ruling. The clear answer is “yes,” and here is at least one answer that meets all three of those criteria—legal, constitutional, and historical. The appropriateness of Americans resisting the Supreme Court’s ruling in […]

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Why Obamacare Haters Should Care About Gay ‘Marriage’

At first blush, it would seem that fiscal conservatives who hate things like Obamacare would be uninterested in the Supreme Court’s ruling in June on gay “marriage.” But the same judicial philosophy that gave us gay “marriage” kept Obamacare alive. Consequently, no one’s liberties are safe from this Court. No one’s. To understand why the […]