Bethany Christian Services Changes Adoption and Foster Care Policy

Michigan faith-based adoption agency Bethany Christian Services has caved into the LGBT agenda.

After the state of Michigan was sued by the ACLU in 2017 for supposedly allowing Grand Rapids-based Bethany Christian services to “discriminate” against same-sex couples who wanted to be parents, a state settlement was reached this year. In that settlement, Michigan’s attorney general declared in April that foster and adoption agencies contracting with the government could no longer decline to work with LGBT families. Instead of shutting its doors, Bethany opted to change its longstanding policy to comply.

Said a spokesman for Bethany Christian Services in a statement, “We are disappointed with how this settlement agreement has been implemented by the state government. Nonetheless, Bethany will continue operations in Michigan, in compliance with our legal contract requirements. We are focused on demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by serving children in need, and we intend to continue doing so in Michigan.”

But Federalist writer Auguste Meyrat fears that this kind of “loving” response is just the kind of thing that will eventually completely secularize Christian ministries. “If someone wants to spread his values—Christian or not—through charity, he should do so by competing, not compelling. If the LGBT community wants to help gay couples adopt, they can start their own adoption agencies,” says Meyrat. “Charity starts with values, and safeguarding those values is the only way to safeguard charity.”

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