Beginning to Secure Sponsors for Critical Legislation

Although the House convened in regular session both Wednesday and Thursday, most of its activities related to passage of congratulatory and memorializing resolutions.

Next week both House and Senate committees are scheduled to meet, and while a few are scheduled to take up bills, most will meet for organizational purposes or hear presentations from certain state departments.

FACT’s legislative arm, Family Action of Tennessee, continued to utilize the time to meet with new House members to work on securing sponsors for legislation it would like considered this session.

Currently, there have been less than 150 bills filed. This number is expected to increase at least tenfold over the next three weeks.

Under both House and Senate rules, bills can be filed through the tenth (10) day the respective chamber is in session. If past practice is an indicator, the House filing deadline will be February 11, while the Senate deadline will be February 14, the difference being the result of the House being in session twice this week.

We, of course, will keep you apprised of bills that may be of interest to you.

Will Burns is FACT’s Public Policy Director.

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