Ball State’s Students for Life Wins Case Over ‘Viewpoint Discrimination’

On Tuesday, as part of a settlement agreement in a lawsuit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom in June, Ball State University (BSU) in Indiana eliminated its policy on distribution of student activity fees that discriminated against “religious, political, or ideological” expression among student groups and put in place a policy with safeguards that would prevent future viewpoint discrimination.

This is good news for campus group Students for Life that in February had been denied a request to receive $300 from mandatory student activities fees because the university didn’t agree with the group’s pro-life views.

As part of the settlement, the school also agreed to pay Students for Life the $300 it had originally requested, as well as $12,000 in attorneys’ fees. The school’s new rules to guard freedom of speech will include the mandatory recording of all funding committee meetings, a written reason for denying funds to any student group, and the implementation of an appeals process.

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said, “Tolerance is a two-way street, and BSU Students for Life deserves equal access to funding and the continued opportunity to share their message of hope with pregnant and parenting students.”

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