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Partisan School Board Elections (SB 582 / HB 1039)

BILL SUMMARY Requires school board elections to be partisan races. BILL ANALYSIS Important bill for transparency and voter education. Since Tennessee is mostly Republican, many Democrats have focused on non-partisan elections (school board, municipal office) to assert influence on the local level. They are able to be elected because it is difficult to ascertain the […]

Prohibits Social and Emotional Learning (SB 4 / HB 357)

BILL SUMMARY Prohibits the state board of education from adopting or providing standards or competencies for social and emotional learning (SEL). BILL ANALYSIS Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a process by which students are taught to apply their knowledge in social, emotional, and relational contexts. Last summer, Tennessee joined a national pilot program (CASEL) […]

Solicitor General Bill (SB 1240/ HB 690)

TN Senate Bill 1240 / TN House Bill 690 BILL SUMMARY Also known as the Solicitor General Bill, this bill creates the office of solicitor general to be appointed by the Legislature and transfers all the current duties of the attorney general (except the reporting of Supreme Court cases) to the office of solicitor general. […]

Legislator Standing Bill (SB 436 / HB 558)

BILL SUMMARY Also, known as the Legislator Standing Bill, this bill allows the Legislature, either by the majority of both chambers or by approval by both Speakers, to do the following: Initiate lawsuits against local governments to challenge local ordinances that violate state law or compel compliance with state law Initiate lawsuits that challenge the constitutionality […]