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Natural Marriage Defense Act (SB 752 / HB 892)

BILL SUMMARY This bill is also known as the Natural Marriage Defense Act. It declares that Tennessee will only recognize and give effect to marriages between one man and one woman and will not recognize any court decision that purports to strike down natural marriage. BILL ANALYSIS As with a similar bill filed last year, […]

Insemination Statute Repeal (SB 1153 / HB 1406)

BILL SUMMARY Also known as the Insemination Statute Repeal, this bill repeals the statute that deems a child born to a married woman as a result of artificial insemination, with the consent of the married woman’s husband, to be the legitimate child of the husband and wife. BILL ANALYSIS This statute is unnecessary because the Tennessee Code […]

Pornography Resolution (TN Senate Joint Resolution 35)

RESOLUTION SUMMARY Called the Pornography Resolution, this resolution declares pornography a public health crisis. RESOLUTION ANALYSIS As a matter of policy, it is good to identify factors that contribute to the breakdown of the family and the need to address it on a community and societal level. RESOLUTION SPONSORS Beavers in the Senate, Weaver in […]

Undefined Words Given Ordinary Meaning (SB 1085 / HB 1111)

BILL SUMMARY This definitions bill requires that undefined words in the Tennessee Code be given their natural and ordinary meaning, except when a contrary intention is clearly manifest. BILL ANALYSIS A broad definitions bill that could have a similar effect as SB 30 but would apply to any number of words that private litigants might want […]

Defining Husband, Wife, Father, Mother (SB 30 / HB 33)

BILL SUMMARY This is a definitions bill that clarifies that the words “husband,” “wife,” “father,” and “mother,” when used in a statute, are to be given their ordinary meaning based on the biological distinctions between men and women. BILL ANALYSIS Provides additional guidance for courts as they review statutory language and consider legislative intent when […]