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Horse Racing Commission (SB 346 / HB 814)

BILL SUMMARY Establishes the Tennessee Horse Racing Commission to regulate horse racing and wagering in Tennessee. BILL ANALYSIS This bill is the final step toward full legalization of horse racing and gambling on those races in Tennessee. BILL SPONSORS Niceley in the Senate, Lovell in the House TRACK THIS BILL Full Text: Senate Bill / […]

Cannabidiol Excluded From Marijuana Definition (SB 385 / HB 694)

BILL SUMMARY Excludes cannabidiol products approved as prescription medication by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from the statutory definition of marijuana. BILL ANALYSIS Cannabidiol, by definition, is an extract from the cannabis plant that does not contain THC, the property in cannabis that causes a “high.” Typically, it is dispensed in an oil […]

Political Involvement of Churches (SB 403 / HB 609)

BILL SUMMARY Exempts churches and religious organizations from the requirements applicable to Political Action Committees (PACs) when spending funds in favor or opposition to ballot measures related to morality, such as alcohol, drugs, abortion, marriage, or gambling. BILL ANALYSIS Important bill to preserve the ability of a church to inform its community about issues related […]

Business Protection Act (SB 127 / HB 54)

BILL SUMMARY Also known as the Business Protection Act, this bill prohibits discriminatory action by state and local government officials against businesses on the basis of the business’ internal personnel policies, provided they are in compliance with state and federal law. BILL ANALYSIS It prohibits a local government or a “rogue” state or local official […]

Assisted Suicide Bill (SB 1378 / HB 1394)

BILL SUMMARY Also known as the Assisted Suicide Bill, it allows for an adult suffering from a terminal disease to make a written request for life-ending medication. BILL ANALYSIS Raises a whole host of spiritual, legal, and ethical issues. If passed, this bill could have enormous impact as to Tennessee’s policy (as a state) on […]