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Does Tennessee’s Attorney General Suffer From a New Condition Called ‘Transetymologicalism’?

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery can’t seem to figure out the word “sex” when it comes to interpreting Tennessee law. Yesterday, The Tennessean reported that Attorney General Slatery had issued an opinion stating that a law passed in 2000 and referring to “gender” but making no reference to “sex” included the modern-day concept of “transgenderism.” […]

U.S Supreme Court Asked to Determine Personhood in Colorado Embryo Case

Are embryos people or property? This is the question before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Colorado embryo custody case Rooks v. Rooks. Mandy Rooks, the mother of six cryopreserved babies produced by in-vitro fertilization, wants custody of her children and wants the option to produce more full-term babies in the future, but her ex-husband, […]

Iowa Christian Leaders Club Wins Religious Liberty Case

Christian student group Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC), which required its leaders to embrace Christian religious tenets, won its case against the University of Iowa, which had stripped the group of its registered student organization status for denying a leadership position to an openly gay student who expressly rejected the group’s religious tenets. While the […]