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The Times, They Are A-Changin’

While some legislators seem so aligned with the Tennessee Education Association that they never seem to question the Association’s position, the Senate Education Committee is giving a regular voice to other teachers for the first time in history. Last week we reported on how some legislators seem to walk lockstep with certain special interests, but […]

The People v. Senate Education Committee

Far too often the entrenched political machinery of the Tennessee Education Association teachers’ union is given more clout and more voice by some legislators than is given to the parents with children in the worst schools. The Scott Brown election saw the people of Massachusetts speak loud and clear when it came to not allowing […]

Aftershocks from the Supreme Court Earthquake

The Supreme Court’s ruling that Congress’ prohibition against corporate contributions violates the free speech rights of those corporations may mean that the chains the IRS has placed on the First Amendment free speech and freedom of religion rights of pastors and churches may have been broken as well. The political earthquake in Massachusetts with the […]

Will Unrepentant Republicans Get Invited to TEA?

Washington Republicans owe liberty-loving, fiscally conservative Americans a huge public apology for their complicity in the national health care debacle because their fiscal irresponsibility undoubtedly contributed to the desperation for “change” that produced the current Congress. Republicans, if you want some of us to trust you again, then you had better admit your own wrongdoing. […]

Will Education Session be ‘Special’?

Whether the legislature comes up with a teacher evaluation process that qualifies the state for extra federal funds or not, the special session will indeed be “special” if there is also some reform in teacher tenure. Reforming tenure will improve public education. The Governor is calling a special session to discuss education reform, in particular, […]