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Has Evangelicalism Unwittingly Aided Cuomo and NY’s Abortion Law?

Many in Tennessee and across the nation are appalled at the callousness toward human life underlying the abortion-to-the-moment-of-delivery law passed by New York’s legislature and praised by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But does today’s version of evangelicalism have a good basis upon which to object? What makes me ask the question is the statement Gov. Cuomo […]

Sitting in Honor of Sit-Ins

When Gov. Bill Lee didn’t stand at the urging of the keynote speaker at a recent event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., some castigated him. The speaker had asked attendees to stand if they supported government-provided universal health care and opposed a wall on our southern border. He accused those not standing of being […]

Gov. Lee Passes First Hard Policy Test

On Monday, Governor Bill Lee attended an event honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I know how hard it was for Gov. Lee to do what he did when the keynote speaker gave his address. In my eyes, he passed his first hard policy test as governor. And Dr. King might have […]