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Pray for Tennessee Legislation Concerning Unborn Babies

This week, the Tennessee Senate’s Judiciary Committee heard two days of testimony on the fetal heartbeat bill passed by the House last spring. Many citizens responded to the hearings by contacting the committee members, urging them to recommend to their Senate colleagues the rewritten version of the House bill. But they can’t do that until […]

Taking on the Abortion Giant

Next week the Tennessee Senate’s Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on a “fetal heartbeat” bill. The focus will be the bill’s constitutionality. Under the precedent of Roe v. Wade, the answer is clearly no. But Roe’s constitutional reasoning has been sharply criticized from the beginning by liberal and conservative lawyers. Surprisingly, in 46 years, no […]

What’s With the Minimum Wage?

What is the real deal in the fight between U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Rashida Tlaib over how the minimum wage should go? It’s not just money. What they really question is whether our governmental system that allows for free enterprise has run its course and new structures are needed for American society. But, […]