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What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus would keep his oath to uphold the Constitution. And if a law were constitutional, he would consider whether it was an appropriate exercise of the authority which he ordained for civil government, and whether it crossed over the line into authority which he ordained to individuals, the family and the church. Will we get […]

A Pound of Cure Is Not the Cure

The General Assembly should rescind its previous calls for a national convention to restrain the size of government because of the great uncertainties that surround such a convention. A national convention is a “pound of cure” when the “ounce of prevention” of voting more wisely in elections could be all we need. They say an […]

Positives from the Health Care Bill

By mandating that citizens buy a consumer product—health insurance—or face a penalty, the stage is set for the U.S. Supreme Court to tell us whether the U.S. Government is one of limited, enumerated powers or a national government free to do anything it pleases. For a constitutionally sick country, it’s a diagnosis we need to […]

Two Americas on Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, President Obama’s absence in Arlington Cemetery has evoked an insightful observation that is too good not to share. Sometimes other people say things so well and put things in such perspective that it is best just to share it. So, with no further ado, let me encourage you to read these thoughts […]

No Lack of Resources

Though Tennessee public colleges complain about the lack of state funding, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville apparently has enough that it can fund a Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgendered Resource Center even though it already had an LGBT Advisory Commission on campus. Higher education in Tennessee has faced significant cuts in state funding in […]