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Religious Liberty As We’ve Experienced It Is Dead

Last week the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that a florist, Barronelle Stutzman, could be forced by her state to provide floral arrangements for a same-sex “wedding” ceremony in violation of her religious beliefs. What’s surprising to me is that her loss is surprising to so many Christians. At issue in Ms. Stutzman’s case was […]

Can Trump Protect Religious Liberty?

Is religious liberty really under attack in the United States? If so, will Donald Trump, if he’s elected, really be able to protect it from further attack? Many of my Christian friends probably wonder why I would even pose the first question, because, to them, the answer is an obvious, “Yes.” As to the second […]

The End of Christianity As We Know It

Two pieces of legislation, one pending in Tennessee and one just passed in Indiana, and the reactions to them are bringing me ever closer to the belief that Christianity as we know it is coming to an end in the United States. The bill in Tennessee is a rather straightforward one that I have no […]

Hillary Clinton’s Advisor ‘Educates’ Tennessee’s Legislators

There is plenty of political furor across the state and down at the legislature over Common Core curriculum standards in Tennessee without the pot being stirred even more. But someone must have thought it needed a few more strokes of controversy because of whom someone brought in to speak to House education committee members this […]

Vanderbilt, Sexual Violence on Campus, and the ‘Cure’

Anyone who has read this week about the rape and sexual assault committed by drunken Vanderbilt University football players has to be disgusted—and even more so by the fact that part of the defense was to imply that it was the product of the “culture” on campus. That college campus “culture” explains why this week […]