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Denying Service to Religious Customers

After the Tennessee Democratic Party advised Cracker Barrel that a Knoxville-area pastor had preached a sermon lambasting homosexuality, Cracker Barrel informed the church that it could not use its facility for a meeting on “soul winning.” The Party praised the restaurant chain’s decision, but didn’t it violate state and federal civil rights laws prohibiting public […]

Does Religious Liberty Promote Polytheism?

Barronelle Stutzman, the Washington state florist whose state courts said she violated state law for not designing a floral arrangement for a same-sex wedding, is now asking the United States Supreme Court to hear her case. While her primary argument is rooted in the First Amendment’s freedoms related to speech and expression, many Christians see […]

Are You My Mother?

All of us had biological parents. Some also had adoptive parents. Others had a step parent because their widowed or divorced biological parent married another person. But Tennessee is now being sued on the ground that this limited understanding of parentage is unconstitutional. The plaintiff, a woman, is arguing that she is a child’s mother […]