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Modern-Day Cannibals

Mainstream media seems intent on digging up non-criminal things our political leaders did 30 and sometimes 40 years ago and asking people if they are offended. Perhaps in hindsight or according to today’s mores, what they did was insensitive or insulting. But do non-criminal actions decades ago make a person unfit for office today? Those […]

Taking Three Tennessee Politicians to Task

As I read news reports this week about past conduct in which Gov. Bill Lee and Rep. David Byrd had engaged, my mind recalled something I witnessed a couple of weeks ago for only the second time in my life. That combination changed what I was going to write today about Tennessee’s attorney general, Herbert […]

When Politics, Not Law, Guides the Attorney General

Last week, Tennessee’s Attorney General, Herbert Slatery, issued an opinion regarding a law passed eighteen years ago that allowed courts to enhance a criminal sentence if the victim had been targeted because of the person’s “gender.” He opined that “gender” referred to a psychological and cultural construct distinct from one’s biological sex and thus referred […]

A Freedom that Leads to Slavery

During President Trump’s State of the Union speech, he said, to the applause of Republicans, “We are born free and we will stay free.” While we shouldn’t nitpick his speech, it is worth considering such a statement from a biblical worldview—Are we really born free? Not according to the Bible. While Adam and Eve were […]