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Help in Ages Past, Hope for Years to Come

Given humanism’s grip on our culture, is calling people back to a belief in the sovereignty of God not an implied rejection of the many improvements made over the last hundred years or an abandonment of the possibility for future progress? Absolutely not! Correlation between our embrace of humanism and progress does not prove causation. […]

What Are We to Make of the ‘Muck’?

As our culture unwinds, some thoughtful conservatives are calling for a return to the Enlightenment’s principles of human autonomy (often couched as “liberty”). Others say those very principles will bring us to a societal dead-end if we don’t redevelop other conditions that undergirded the success of Enlightenment thinking, such as a shared sense of morality, […]

Will We Accept the Cure for What Ails Us?

As American culture continues to die, some conservatives believe we need to emphasize more the Enlightenment’s principles of human autonomy and reason while others say those principles, by themselves, will continue our deathly trajectory. This latter group believes the Enlightenment’s principles succeeded because other things were also at work—a generally agreed-upon moral code, intact families, […]

Is Anyone Willing to Say What the Cure Is for a Dying America?

Jonah Goldberg’s latest book, Suicide of the West, contends that America is committing suicide by rejecting the Enlightenment’s emphasis on individual autonomy (liberty) and the sufficiency of human reason to build a better world. His critics suggest that embracing these Enlightenment principles will naturally lead to the death of a culture. So, what’s the solution? […]