Artificial Wombs Could Complicate the Legality of Abortion

With the invention of an artificial womb that successfully brought several premature sheep to viability (the ability to survive outside the womb) recently, the implications for human babies within the next five years has many abortion activists trembling.

Unborn human babies could conceivably reach viability at even earlier ages with the help of these artificial wombs, and that could “complicate —and even jeopardize—the right to abortion in an America in which that right is predicated on whether a fetus is ‘viable,’” says reporter Kristen V. Brown.

As Harvard bioethicist I. Glenn Cohen stated, “This has the potential to really disrupt things, first by asking the question of whether a fetus could be considered ‘viable’ at the time of abortion if you could place it in an artificial womb.”

This new technology could severely limit the “right to abortion” and give new meaning to a woman’s right to control her own body.

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