Amazon, Other Companies Seek Defeat of Tennessee Pro-Family Legislation

Amazon is one of a number of companies that have signed a letter asking Tennessee legislators to defeat legislation it deems anti-LGBT, including Family Action of Tennessee’s School Protection Act and another bill that would provide conscience protections for adoption and foster care child placement agencies that, based on their religious convictions, choose to place children in those homes where the child will have a mother and a father.

The letter, which was coordinated by the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce and a national organization, Freedom for All Americans, made a veiled threat that economic consequences will result from such legislation.

Additionally, Nike is one of 11 companies signing a similar letter coordinated by the Human Rights Campaign.

While these companies have every right to express their beliefs, let’s be sure that their influence is not disproportionately felt. Let your legislators know how you stand on these issues and then take the time to thank them if they vote consistent with your values.

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