Air Force Punishes Colonel Who Refused to Affirm Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

A highly decorated and respected Air Force colonel was suspended from his job and will likely not be promoted to a one-star general after he refused to publicly affirm the same-sex “spouse” of a retiring master sergeant.

Based on his belief in traditional marriage, Col. Leland Bohannon declined to sign a certificate of spouse appreciation last May for the same-sex spouse of a homosexual master sergeant. Instead, he arranged for a two-star general to sign it and, on a recommendation from the command chaplain and the staff judge advocate, requested a religious accommodation that was returned “without action” six weeks later.

However, when the subordinate airman learned Col. Bohannon had not personally signed the certificate, the airman filed an Equal Opportunity complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

First Liberty Institute is urging that the Air Force reverse its decision on the basis that the military violated Col. Bohannon’s constitutional rights.

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