rolled newspapers, and hands holding trophy awards

Over the years both secular media outlets and conservative Christian media outlets have come to view The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT) as the thought leader on today’s hot-button social issues in Tennessee politics. In fact, a profile piece just published by National Public Radio said that FACT was “the moving force behind much of the socially conservative legislation proposed in Tennessee this past year (2016).” The story notes how FACT’s work on the “bathroom bill” this year revealed how FACT’s president “has become one of this state’s most powerful lobbyists.”

Beyond the walls of the state Capitol, however, news coverage has brought more awareness about what FACT does and has been instrumental in getting Tennesseans like you more involved in seeing Tennessee become a state in which marriage is honored, life is cherished, families thrive, and religious liberty flourishes.

In addition to being cited, quoted, or interviewed in each of the state’s four major newspapers and multiple local television newscasts, FACT and/or FACT’s president, David Fowler, has been quoted or referenced by these major national, secular media outlets:

  • ABC News
  • Al Jazeera America
  • Associated Press
  • CNN
  • FOX News
  • HLN, a part of CNN
  • Los Angeles Times
  • NPR
  • Reuters
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post

FACT and/or FACT’s president, David Fowler, has been quoted or referenced by these national Christian news sources:

  • American Family Radio
  • Citizen Magazine (Family Policy Alliance’s publication)
  • Dick Bott’s “The Complete Story”
  • Focus on the Family
  • FRC’s “Washington Watch” radio show with Tony Perkins

Because FACT and its legislative arm, Family Action of Tennessee, have been leaders in passing first-in-the-nation laws, we received the Stewardship Award from Focus on the Family in 2007 and the Family Champion Award from the Family Policy Alliance (formerly CitizenLink) in 2012.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the prayers, financial support, and volunteer work of so many across this state. We hope all those who partner with us feel they are a very real part of the success we’ve enjoyed.

TenYearsForTN-blueThanks to your faithful prayers and generous financial support, we have come a long way in a decade to stand in the gap and advocate for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty in our state.