The Family Action Council of Tennessee got its start when its current President, David Fowler, then a state Senator, joined with a member of the policy team then at Focus on the Family, to host a breakfast in Chattanooga to help raise some money for the organization to incorporate and hire someone else to run it. That was in February 2006. Three weeks later, Mr. Fowler announced he was not running for re-election, was leaving his law practice, and was going to head up this new organization commonly referred to as “FACT.”

Small But Mighty Beginnings

During FACT’s first two years, Mr. Fowler, holed up in a spare bedroom in his house, along with a contract employee working from his home, handled everything from lobbying, fundraising, composing and sending emails, website management, graphic arts, updating databases, setting up and conducting briefings, and more.

By 2008 FACT was ready to grow, so it rented a small office space in Cool Springs and hired its first non-contract employee, a part-time office administrator and later that year a Director of Community Relations whose role was to reach out to pastors and work with The Truth Project.

Then in 2009, when its contract employee moved to another opportunity and the demand for some legal help on the policy side of things ratcheted up, more hands were needed. For the first time, FACT brought on another lawyer, who served as our Chief Operations Officer and General Counsel. FACT was now at four full-time employees working together in an office!

However, in 2011, FACT’s work on the Truth Project was coming to an end and the board perceived a need to increase the quality of the organization’s communications. Accordingly, FACT transitioned from a Director of Community Relations to a Director of Communications, who updated our website, incorporated video into our communications, improved the promotion of our community educational events, and ramped up our voter education efforts.

Making Leaps and Bounds

When our Chief Operations Officer and General Counsel retired at the end of 2014, we were blessed with a new COO, but it became apparent over the course of 2015 that the work FACT had been called to do in the area of public policy could not get done without a lawyer who could begin to learn from our President and take on those responsibilities over time. It was time to begin thinking about the future in a more long-term way.

FACT put out the call for the need and the people of Tennessee responded generously, allowing us to bring on a lawyer to serve as our Director of Public Policy in January 2016.

While we all work hard and put in long hours, we have a team dedicated to the work God has called us to do, and we work well together. It is a blessing for us to get to do what we do, and we give thanks to God for the many who so generously support our work.


Thanks to your faithful prayers and generous financial support, we have come a long way in a decade to stand in the gap and advocate for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty in our state.