10 Year milestones

June 2016 marks our 10-year anniversary, so we wanted to share these milestones, the 10 best things that God (and you!) have helped us accomplish. Thanks again for your support through the years.

wedding cake, rings, bride and groom representing a biblical marriage

Milestone 1:

Advocating for Biblical Marriage in Our State and Beyond

Though many might think we have only championed traditional marriage in the last few years, standing for biblical marriage is something we have done since we launched as a family policy council ten years ago.  Continue reading

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Milestone 2:

Saving the Unborn in Tennessee

In 2000, the Tennessee Supreme Court took the “right to abortion” under Roe v. Wade to a new level, finding an even stronger, more judicially protected right to abortion in the Tennessee Constitution. That’s why FACT President David Fowler, a state senator at the time, drafted and filed in 2001 what would become Amendment 1 (Senate Joint Resolution 127) and spent the next 13 years heralding the need for this amendment.  Continue reading

crossed out LGBT flag, married man and one and gender symbols

Milestone 3:

Championing God’s Design for Human Sexuality

Since its inception, FACT has been leading the fight to ensure that our state’s public policy reflects God’s design for human sexuality to the fullest extent possible. There is no doubt that laws that undermine God’s norms for human sexuality lead to cultural mainstreaming of sexual license and confusion. Continue reading

female students in classroom and female graduate

Milestone 4:

Advocating for Students in Tennessee

Childhood is difficult enough, but it’s made even more difficult when there are forces in our public education system that work against faith and the values and principles parents have been teaching their children. That’s why FACT and its legislative arm, Family Action of Tennessee, have taken an interest over the years in what goes on in our public school classrooms and colleges. Continue reading

parents with young children

Milestone 5:

Advocating for Parents in the Volunteer State

FACT and its legislative arm, Family Action of Tennessee, have taken an interest over the years protecting the rights of parents, particularly when it comes to matters of sexuality in our public schools and colleges and faith in God. Continue reading

person raising arms in victory, couple in wedding garb,

Milestone 6:

Upholding Religious Liberty in Our State

Other than our sexual mores, nothing is under greater attack in our country than religious liberty, and the two go hand-in-hand. But this trend is not something that has recently come to FACT’s attention. Continue reading

young man praying, Bible, church pew

Milestone 7:

Shaping Strong Biblical Worldviews

We strongly believe that only a biblical worldview will allow us to understand the world in which we live and understand how we should approach the issues we’re confronted with in the public square. And we believe it is important that people know how to spot unbiblical worldviews and effectively engage others from a biblical worldview perspective. Continue reading

Voice Your Values button, ballot box, and Tennessee Capitol

Milestone 8:

Educating Tennessee Voters

FACT has always believed that the first step toward good public policy is to elect candidates who hold strong, biblically based positions on public policy. That’s why we’ve been involved in voter education efforts beginning with the very first election cycle following our initial year (which was consumed with the marriage amendment campaign) and expanded our efforts every election cycle since then. Continue reading

rolled newspapers, and hands holding trophy awards

Milestone 9:

Building a Platform, Gaining Influence

Over the years media outlets have come to view The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT) as the thought leader on today’s hot-button social issues in Tennessee politics. In fact, a profile piece just published by National Public Radio said, FACT was “the moving force behind much of the socially conservative legislation proposed in Tennessee this past year (2016).” The story notes how FACT’s work on the “bathroom bill” this year revealed how FACT’s president “has become one of this state’s most powerful lobbyists.” Continue reading

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Milestone 10:

Growing to Meet the Need

The Family Action Council of Tennessee got its start when its current President, David Fowler, then a state Senator, joined with a member of the policy team then at Focus on the Family, to host a breakfast in Chattanooga to help raise some money for the organization to incorporate and hire someone else to run it. That was in February 2006. Three weeks later, Mr. Fowler announced he was not running for re-election, was leaving his law practice, and was going to head up this new organization commonly referred to as “FACT.” Continue reading

Ten Years for Tennessee

Thanks to your faithful prayers and generous financial support, we have come a long way in a decade to stand in the gap and advocate for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty in our state.