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Our Vision

Our vision is a Tennessee in which marriage is honored, families thrive, life is cherished, and religious liberty is protected. That is a Tennessee in which its people can flourish. We hope you will partner with us in our vision for a strong Tennessee!

Our Beliefs

Our belief is that healthy families and communities come about when basic values from the Bible are embraced and upheld. Even those who may not believe everything in the Bible have found it hard to overlook its long track record of providing a foundation for stable societies. Neglecting common-sense biblical values contributes to many of our nation’s current ills like crime, disease, divorce, “unwanted” pregnancies, teen suicide, and academic failure.

Our Values

Our values include respect for marriage and families, life, and religious liberty. When the government protects these time-tested values, they, in turn, protect the family. We believe churches, families, and individuals are best equipped to foster these values. And we believe that government should not work against them. Our desire is to provide educational resources for each of these to function in their respective areas of responsibility.