The following are quotes from pastors, public policy leaders, and college program directors attesting to the dynamism of David Fowler’s speaking style.

Speaks Deeply, Persuasively

“David Fowler speaks deeply and persuasively about the moral principles that must underlay our laws. His experience in the legislature adds an especially valuable perspective to his message.”

Tom MinnerySenior Vice President for Public Policy, Focus on the Family

Christian Worldview Undergirds Proven Track Record

“David Fowler’s experience in the state legislature uniquely prepared him to lead the Family Action Council of Tennessee with great effectiveness. David’s strong Christian worldview undergirds his proven track-record of lobbying elected officials on matters of Faith, Family, and Freedom. David is a gifted communicator, connecting biblical principles with public policy in a clear, compassionate, and compelling way.”

Tony PerkinsPresident, Family Research Council

He Gets It

“David Fowler gets it. He gets the political process, he gets Christianity, and he gets how they connect.”

John StonestreetDirector of Strategic Partnerships for the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, , Director of Conferences and Curriculum Projects for Summit Ministries, Member of the Biblical Studies Faculty at Bryan College

Deep Insight Into Our Cultural Decline

“Few people have a greater passion for truth than my friend, David Fowler, the president of FACT. Beyond his passion is his deep insight into our cultural decline and its relationship to gross distortions of the truth. David is a great communicator because of his knowledge and his passion. Anyone who attends this seminar will be deeply impacted and will gain understanding that will strengthen his influence for good in our society. If you really want to make a difference and be a part of an urgently needed return to the values that made America great, then you need to attend this seminar.”

Dr. Charles McGowanPastor Emeritus, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN President, The Operation Andrew Group, Nashville, TN

Shared Truth With Gracious Spirit, Offering Hope

“David’s recent Sunday morning sermon on marriage really helped our people. He clearly communicated how marriage flows out of a biblical worldview rooted in the nature of God as well as the relationship between Christ and the church. He shared the truth with a gracious, gentle spirit that offered hope, not condemnation. I highly recommend David to fill any pulpit that values good strong Bible teaching. He truly has been gifted with the ability to connect ancient Christian truth to our contemporary culture.”

Steve BergerSenior Pastor, Grace Chapel, Franklin, TN

Brings Unique Perspective

“Our society lives under the false notion that Christianity and politics do not mix together. However, David Fowler proves society wrong. David brings a clear message that our government was indeed founded on the principles of God’s Word and that Christians today must make their voices known. Whether it’s the issue of sanctity of life, traditional marriage, or other issues that threaten our religious freedoms, David, with his passion for Christ and experience in government, brings a unique perspective that will captivate any audience.”

Rick PanisSenior Pastor Trafalgar Village Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

Shares His Heart for God

“Politically-involved church speakers tend to dress up their issues and views in religious language, leaving me with the impression that I walked into a rally instead of a worship service. David Fowler comes to share his heart for God. He brings biblical principles to bear on critical, current issues. He challenges listeners to be salt and light in the public square. His teaching inspires me to stand for righteousness in winsome, effective, God-honoring ways. He is the real deal. Wish he lived next door!”

Gary StarbuckSenior Pastor, Open Door Bible Church, Memphis, TN

A Friend of the Church

“There is no greater fear than to have a guest in your pulpit fall short of your expectations. David Fowler has spoken twice in our Sunday morning worship services over the past two years. Not only is David a gifted speaker who speaks from his heart, but he can also address a wide range of subjects concerning church, government, and family issues. I recommend David because he is a friend of the “church” who will do a great job whenever he is called on to share.”

Paul BaneSenior Pastor, New Hope Community Church, Franklin, TN

Fact, Not Fiction

“With David Fowler you get fact, not fiction; faith, not fear; devotion, not despair; proof, not posturing; power, not politics. David has earned the right to be in the arena of the pulpit with his years of public service and, now, his calling into ministry.”

Mitch McClureSenior Pastor, Middle Valley Church of God, Hixson, TN

Challenges People With Powerful Truths

“Mr. Fowler challenged our people with the powerful truths of God’s Word that demonstrate, without question, that every follower of Jesus Christ has a God-given responsibility to engage our world with truth and righteousness. Our people were extremely blessed and grateful for his powerful and compassionate appeal. We will look forward to his return to our pulpit.”

Jamie Work Senior Pastor, Candies Creek Baptist Church, Cleveland, TN

Quintessential Spokesman

“David Fowler is the quintessential spokesman on the importance of a biblical worldview to church–state relations.”

Ron D. Petitte Director, Center for International Leadership, Bryan College

Stunned at Response

“I was stunned when I saw the overwhelming interest and physical response of our body to David Fowler’s message.”

Mike Bowerformer Sr. Associate Pastor, Woodland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN