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The FACT Report is a one-minute radio commentary on events that impact life, the family and religious liberty in Tennessee.

The FACT Report is heard weekly on the Bott Radio Network stations list, including Memphis on WCRV 640 AM and 100.7 FM, Nashville on WCRT 1160 AM and WECV 89.1 FM, Clarksville on 99.5 FM, Dickson on 91.5 FM, Gallatin on 93.9 FM, and Lebanon on 101.9 FM. Plus, you can also hear The FACT Report on the Appalachian Radio Group and WNKJ based in Kentucky. (Full station list below)
  • State Money Talks (September 28, 2016)

    The conflict brewing between Tennessee’s most liberal cities, Nashville and Memphis, and the state Legislature is coming to a head, and the Legislature will need to address it soon.

    These cities are following the new liberal tactic of passing ordinances that violate state law, forcing conservatives to bring expensive lawsuits in front of liberal judges to try to uphold the state law.

    There is a simple solution. If local governments want to be autonomous, let them do so with their own money. The state provides a large share of state tax money to local governments, and if local governments don’t want to abide by state law, then perhaps they can abide with less state money.

    Money talks, and if the state money walks, perhaps local governments will begin to respect the laws passed by our state Legislature.

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  • Not Time for Quitting on Marriage (September 21, 2016)

    Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” We must apply this same perspective to what’s happening in our courts with marriage.

    Same-sex “marriage” is perhaps the greatest threat to religious liberty and freedom of conscience there is, yet at least one Christian organization is quitting the fight for the biblical and historic definition of marriage, and more may follow. We must remember that the Supreme Court was lawless when it redefined marriage, and that it did what no court has ever attempted to do before.

    The Family Action Council of Tennessee has filed actions in state court, and we are looking at getting involved in yet another. We are narrowing the scope, rather than attacking the Obergefell same-sex marriage ruling head on.

    Will we win? No one knows. But we know that quitters never win.

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  • The Supreme Court is the Tip of the Iceberg (September 14, 2016)

    Much attention is being given to potential Supreme Court appointments by our next President.  Certainly, that is important, but the Supreme Court hears less than one percent of federal cases that are decided with the rest being heard by lower court judges who also have lifetime appointments. They can be much more influential than the Supreme Court in the foreseeable future on important issues such as marriage, life, and religious liberty.  Since Obama took office the appellate courts have gone from having a majority of republican-appointed federal judges to a majority of Obama-appointed judges. Given the precedents these judges will issue, four to eight years of Hillary Clinton continuing this trend means it could take a generation or more to restore constitutional government within the judiciary.  The Supreme Court is important, but it is only the “tip of the iceberg.”

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  • What the Bathroom Decision Means for Tennessee (August 31, 2016)

    When a a federal judge ruled last week in a case involving Tennessee that the Obama “guidance letter” on transgender bathroom use in public schools was invalid, did that mean that our children were now safe and their privacy protected? No, not really.

    That’s because all the decision said was that local schools can determine their own policies and, in Tennessee, that means a school system is free to let children use the bathroom or locker room corresponding to what sex that child thinks he or she is.

    So don’t let any Tennessee legislator fool you into believing it was a good thing that they let the “bathroom bill” die this last legislative session.

    If you don’t think local schools should have the power to redefine sex, then the bathroom bill was needed to prevent that from happening.

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  • Can a President Protect Religious Liberty (August 24, 2016)

    Throughout history, Christianity has been under attack because it believes a Creator has imposed laws and norms on his creation that apply to all human behavior, including the kinds of policies human governments enact. 

    When Christianity comes into conflict with a culture or civil government that believes man is his own god, it must be attacked and subdued.  So can a President stop the attacks on religious liberty? To be sure, a new President might be able to impede some attacks , but since our culture has made man its god, the attacks will not stop absent a cultural reformation that brings bring us back to place where our culture sees God as the true god.

    The sooner Christians see what’s behind today’s relentless attacks on religious liberty the sooner we’ll get on with the work of cultural reformation. 

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