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  • Politics in the Workplace (April 16, 2014)

    In the aftermath of the forced “resignation” of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla Corporation, some conservatives commended him for never bringing his political beliefs about marriage into the workplace. But is it really good that the leader of a business is able to leave such political beliefs aside when he comes to work?

    Unlike beliefs about the best brand of ice cream, political beliefs about marriage flow from beliefs that go to the very core of how we see God, man, and the world. Aren’t those the kinds of beliefs that should influence the decisions we make, regardless of the context in which those decisions are made?

    Thankfully many owners of smaller businesses are standing up for marriage, even at risk of financial loss. When they do, let’s support them, and pray that more will follow their lead.

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  • Is Progressivism Really Progress? (April 9, 2014)

    When The Family Action Council’s President recently upgraded the operating system on his computer, functions that had worked suddenly didn’t work any more.  Perhaps it is a modern-day parable about what we call “progressivism” which says “out with the old” of biblical morality and “in with the new.” But progressivism really isn’t new.  The prophet Jeremiah warned Judah of God’s coming judgment, and it was because, in his words, they “stumbled from their ways, the ancient paths.”  Like us, Judah “progressed” beyond the antiquated ways of their forefathers. So as we dispense with the sacred words that flamed the fires of liberty upon which our forefathers forged America, we might do well to consider the example of the computer – when all our “progress” comes to an end, will we function right any more.

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  • Antidiscrimination Act called ‘Anti-Gay Bullying’ Bill (April 2, 2014)

    The Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act recently passed by the Tennessee legislature requires our public schools to treat students with religious beliefs the same way they treat students without religious beliefs.

    Yet advocates for the homosexual agenda publicly decried the bill, saying that it “actually helps organize anti-gay bullying.”  Why would they say that?  Because, they fear a fellow student might say they thought homosexual behavior was wrong.  And that might offend someone.

    But if opinions about the rightness or wrongness of certain behaviors can be squelched simply because those opinions might offend someone or because someone else might take those words to justify committing an abusive act, then the First Amendment is meaningless.

    Christians need to understand that their ability to proclaim the truth of Christ is being eroded under the guise of just wanting people to be nice.

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  • Judge Washes Away More Than Marriage (March 26, 2014)

    The federal judge in Nashville who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in Tennessee said there was a rising tide in favor of such marriages, but that tide is going to wash away more than marriage.

    If Tennessee is constitutionally required to accept any marriage so long as it is valid in another state, then part of our state’s sovereignty will be “washed away.” Tennesseans will no longer control what marriage means in our state.

    But worse yet are the results of a study by Oxford professor J.D. Unwin of 80 primitive tribes and six known civilizations over a 5,000-year period. His uncontroverted research showed that when societies embrace sexual license, they have always fallen and never recovered.

    The rising tide for same-sex marriage is washing away state sovereignty and perhaps the very way of life we have enjoyed.

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  • Gay Marriage Comes to Tennessee (March 18, 2014)

    Last Friday federal Judge Aleta Trauger ruled that Tennessee had to recognize the marriages of three same-sex couples who married in another state and moved here.  In doing so the judge clearly signaled her intent to continue the war by unelected federal judges on the rights of states and the citizens of that state to set its own policies regarding marriage.

    In stating her intent to require Tennessee to recognize same sex marriages performed out of state, Judge Trauger only got one thing right – that her ruling will thwart “democratically enacted laws” that were “overwhelmingly” approved by 80% of Tennessee voters.

    If Judge Trauger continues on her present course and strikes down Tennessee’s marriage law, the cultural landscape in our state will change dramatically, affecting Christian business owners and what we teach in our public schools.

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  • The Real Answer to Sex Week (March 12, 2014)

    Tennessee legislators have rightly been concerned about the educational message that Sex Week at UT Knoxville sent to our young people, but anything the legislature does to “fix” Sex Week is more of a topical solution than a remedy to the disease of the sex-is-nothing-but-biology philosophy of today.  What is needed is more men and women who are living out monogamous, healthy marriages, providing a picture of a kind of relational beauty that even the most cynical person would recognize and that would tug at the deep longing we all have for an intimacy enhanced by strong emotional bonds and the security of mutual commitment.

    We debase something really beautiful when we reduce it to nothing but biology.

    The best “argument” against things like Sex Week to provide examples of intimate relational beauty for our youth to see.

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  • Religious Liberty Loses to Government Compulsion (March 5, 2014)

    A national furor arose last week when Arizona’s governor vetoed a proposed law regarding religious liberty. It was similar in purpose to one in Tennessee that, because of negative media, had been withdrawn the week before.

    Arizona’s bill would have allowed a business to at least try to defend itself against a discrimination lawsuit by a private citizen if it could prove that providing the requested service violated the business owner’s religious beliefs.

    Americans used to believe that it was not good for government to force private individuals to be in relationships they didn’t want to be in. Liberty could be messy, but government coercion was considered ugly.

    Therefore, we should be very careful with laws forcing private citizens into relationships with one another, particularly when it allows one citizen to force another to violate his or her religious beliefs.

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  • Demeaning Americans and Destroying the Constitution (February 26, 2014)

    Constitutional law is becoming less about whether a law violates a provision of the constitution and more about making sure someone isn’t offended by it. At least that that seemed to be the thinking of the federal judge who ruled that Kentucky’s same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional, saying that the ban was irrational and did nothing but demean same-sex relationships.

    But if a law is unconstitutional because it “demeans” someone, is any law constitutional? After all, by calling the ban irrational, didn’t the Kentucky judge demean Americans who believe marriage is between a man and a woman?

    The worst part is the judge’s reasoning was eerily similar to the reasoning used by some Supreme Court Justices. If this trend continues, then the constitution will wind up protecting only those whose lives and views meet with a judge’s approval.

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    Read more about this issue in David Fowler’s recent commentary, Demeaning Tennesseans and Destroying the Constitution

  • Fixing Higher Education (February 19, 2014)

    With the University of Tennessee playing host to a campus-wide series of programs espousing promiscuity at every turn, we need to recognize that public higher education is a major contributor to our current cultural decay.

    Generally speaking it has little regard for the principles of Christianity that propelled western culture forward.  In fact, higher education is so broken that fixing it almost means starting over.

    Fixing it will take a change in leadership at the top and pressure from the bottom by ordinary citizens demanding change.

    We need leaders that will ensure that free speech and religious freedom is respected and that the pursuit of truth is once again made the objective. But if we allow our public institutions of higher education to continue promoting sexual license and moral confusion, we can expect our society to fall to pieces.

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  • The Extremes of Marriage Definitions (February 12, 2014)

    If marriage is merely a creation of society, that it can redefine, then who is to say what can or cannot constitute a marriage? We’ve learned that one Tennessee lawyer is taking the question to the extreme, asking the court to recognize his marriage to – of all things — his computer.

    Using similar logic advanced by four same-sex couples now suing Tennessee to recognize their marriages, he argues that “equality” requires the legal recognition of his sexual attraction to the pornographic images on his computer, ignoring all other components that constitute a real marriage.

    As comical as the idea seems, society once thought same-sex marriages were something to laugh at, but nobody’s laughing now.

    Love can take on many forms, but only God created marriage, and He designed it to be a special relationship between a man and a woman.

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  • The Real State of Our Union (February 5, 2014)

    Last week President Obama’s State of the Union address focused on particular issues like the economy, immigration, and health care.

    However, any true analysis of the state of our union must be based on where we are compared to where we started.

    And we started with a set of shared values and ideals, namely, a belief in the “laws of nature and Nature’s God.”

    Today, however, it seems that a majority of Americans no longer really believe that God has imposed laws on his creation relative either to man’s behavior or to civil government. Thus the true state of our union is that we are losing that which was at the center of our being – the shared values that held us together.

    Sadly, with their loss, disunion rather than union is increasingly becoming the true state of our nation.

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  • Legislative Battleground: Public Education (January 29, 2014)

    Tennessee’s public school system has the attention of lawmakers this year, but before we pin our hopes on a legislative cure, we have to ask ourselves can anything fix what ails our public schools?

    At the heart of the problem is government’s world view on education, which dictates how it manages the education process and develops the content of instruction. In this process, neutrality is a myth. It is government’s skewed philosophy that determines the academic standard, leaving parents no role in deciding the educational values they desire for their children.

    The real solution will come when government finds a way to get out of the education business so that parents can once again be free to work together to educate their children. But parents cannot control their child’s education so long as an out-of-control government philosophy is in control.

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  • Republican Nightmare Brewing (January 22, 2014)

    A political nightmare is when politicians get caught between the proverbial rock of one core constituency and the hard place of another core constituency. And “Common Core,” the new set of curriculum standards for public schools, could create such a nightmare for Republicans.

    On one side, in favor of the standards, is
    the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, whose members fill Republican campaign coffers. On the other side is the grassroots conservative community that provides the legwork and votes those politicians need.

    With two intractable sides yelling for their position, the only “cure” for the nightmare is for Republicans, as well as all politicians, is to remember there is God in Heaven who establishes and pulls down rulers in the present as he has in the past, and to listen among the throng for His still small voice for wisdom.

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  • A Real War on Poverty – Economic Justice (January 15, 2014)

    Last week marked the fifty-year anniversary of President Johnson’s 1964 “War on Poverty,” which failed to provide income equality in our nation because civil government was never meant to establish this kind of equality.

    Civil government was established to ensure justice, which requires that individuals receive what is due them according to a true standard of measurement. However, mere politicians cannot set a just standard that can bring equality in income in all situations. Only a just God could do that.

    Civil government can promote economic justice through a free-market system, which allows each individual to determine what standard of measure should be applied to his labor. But civil government must also ensure a just free market through equal protection of each person’s life and property.

    Civil government should stick to what it does best: promote justice.

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  • O’Reilly, Duck Dynasty and the Truth (January  8, 2014)

    The recent controversy involving Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, made many of us stop and reflect on our Biblical values and how we express them. Even national cable newsman Bill O’Reilly did, taking Mr. Robertson to task for being judgmental, which O’Reilly thought contrary to Christianity.

    However, Mr. O’Reilly forgot that God himself is “judgmental” and that Jesus instructed his followers to “judge with righteous judgment.” And if Scripture is God’s word, then simply to repeat what Scripture itself says about various behaviors and attitudes is to express God’s judgment, not our own.

    Contrary to what Mr. O’Reilly concluded – that sharing what Scripture says with others demeans and disrespects them – we actually show how much we value and respect others when we’re willing to tell them the truth found in God’s word.

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    Read more about this issue in David Fowler’s recent commentary, O’Reilly’s Advice to Christians Needs Biblical Tune-up

  • Hope in God in the New Year 2014 (January 1, 2014)

    Christians, your hope for 2014 is alive in God!

    Looking to the New Year, we often begin to anticipate what lies ahead. And for many of us, we look forward with expectation and hope. Perhaps 2013 was a difficult year that we want to put behind us, and we hope for a fresh start in 2014.  Perhaps 2013 was filled with blessings that we hope will be a springboard to an even better 2014. But our hope is not that “next year can’t be any worse” or that our present “good luck” will continue.

    As Christians, our hope is in God.  So let us begin the year by bringing to mind the words of Psalm 62: “He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defense; I shall not be moved. … Trust in him at all times; pour out your heart before him.”

  • What “Christmas” Reveals About Us (December 24, 2013)

    Scripture tells us that Simeon said the baby Jesus was “a sign which shall be spoken against; that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”

    Perhaps the secret to the current cultural tussle over whether people should say Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holiday’s” lies in that little-discussed verse.

    Jesus is a sign that there is a God and that he has come among us.  The word Christmas is an acknowledgment of that “sign.”

    But mankind’s natural bent is toward a self-centered independence that is rebellion against God’s authority. And the sign of “Christmas,” being a reminder of Jesus, is spoken against because it is an un welcome reminder of that fact. Indeed, denying Christmas just may reveal our hearts’ attitude toward God.

    So if Merry Christmas is in our hearts let’s also make sure it’s on our lips.

  • Where Will You Shop? (December 18, 2013)

    If you think the legal battles being fought by Christian business owners don’t matter to you, think again.  These legal outcomes might just determine where you do your future Christmas shopping.

    Court rulings in separate states in discrimination cases against Christian business owners reveal the increasing antagonism toward those whose beliefs about homosexuality are politically incorrect.

    And next year in Hobby Lobby’s case against ObamaCare, the Supreme Court will decide whether private business can follow their pro-life convictions. Losing this case could force the national retailer to close.

    Christians will feel the consequences if business owners are made to choose between violating their beliefs or shutting down their business.

    If Christians don’t fight for their religious liberty now, they may find fewer businesses where they can shop and someday, maybe even fewer businesses willing to serve them.

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  • Helping the Un-helplesss at Taxpayer Expense (December 11, 2013)

    When politicians decide to help the un-helpless at taxpayers’ expense, voters will react.  In Chattanooga, about ten thousand voters signed a petition to stop an ordinance funding health insurance benefits for domestic partners of city employees.  It would have cost taxpayers thousands annually to help a group – unmarried couples living together – that never asked for help.

    These couples could receive benefits under city policies if they committed to a legal marriage.  In reality, their lack of benefits was their voluntary choice.

    But some council members ignored spending concerns to push a social agenda, and conservative groups took action. Their petition’s overwhelming support shows conscientious reasoning beyond just religious fundamentalism.  Reminding politicians that fiscal sanity won’t be sacrificed for feel-good politics; AND government officials are accountable to the people.

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    Read more about this issue in David Fowler’s recent commentary, Helping the Un-helpless at Your Expense

  • Atheists Attempt to Dehumanize Christmas (December 4, 2013)

    Can an atheist group that promotes man’s ability to bring goodwill to others manage to steal Christmas gifts from needy children?

    Because Operation Christmas Child was a Christian-based effort, the American Humanist Association bullied a South Carolina public school into shutting down the campaign intended to collect necessities and gifts to fill shoeboxes for delivery to poor children throughout the world.  Not surprisingly, Humanists had no plan of their own to help the needy children they deprived.  So much for goodwill.

    Here’s the happy ending: ambitious students offered a lesson in humanity.  They organized collection points along public sidewalks, filled trucks and celebrated with a religious rally while fulfilling their mission.  As the Humanists were using their money to hire lawyers to make a legal point, God’s people found a way to give … and show His love to others.

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    Read more about this issue in David Fowler’s recent commentary, Atheists Attempt to Dehumanize Christmas

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