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New Children’s Book Promotes Homosexuality

A new children’s picture book by two male New Zealanders called Promised Land depicts the adventures of a prince and a farm boy who kissed and then “got married and started their own family.” But as Cornell University professor William Briggs suggests, not only is that reality biologically impossible, but also morally wrong. Briggs also shared this observation, “We have reached a point in our culture where we could teach Promised Land in schools, but we could not teach about the Promised Land!”

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Set Free From Homosexuality? Don’t Share on Vimeo

Dr. David Kyle Foster, director of Pure Passion Ministries in Franklin, Tenn., and a former homosexual, created videos on Vimeo to help those caught in the brokenness of homosexuality find healing in Christ. But on March 16, he was given a week to remove any videos that depicted homosexuality as a condition needing healing, despite proof that many had found healing from sexual brokenness through use of the videos. While Vimeo won’t allow stories that feature changed lives of the sexually broken, Vimeo does still allow videos that feature jihad, teen rape, and gay porn.

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Facebook Censors Christian Mom for Quoting the Bible

Elizabeth Johnston, aka the “Activist Mommy,” quickly found out this week that Facebook’s new “inclusive community” didn’t like her quoting Scripture verses about homosexuality when she was frozen out of her account twice for the post. When she was able to regain access, she discovered Facebook had deleted her post that used Old and New Testament sources to argue that the Bible condemns homosexuality. “The post Facebook deleted included no name-calling, no threats, and no harassment. It was intellectual discussion and commentary on the Bible,” she said.

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Fall Color Change

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(Update: This post made the front page of the Sept. 8 Chattanooga Time Free Press.)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee has now officially joined the “culture wars” with a quiet little move that got no publicity until now. Appears that the insurer is trading in its traditional blue for a rainbow of colors.

Near the end of last month Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, the largest provider of health insurance to Tennesseans, sent a letter out to all of its vendors, those with whom Blue Cross contracts for various goods and services. In the letter, the insurance giant said it was “passionately adopting the spirit of diversity within its supplier business relationship.” And as part of that passion, Blue Cross included among the businesses apparently needing “help” those that are “owned” by “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals.”

BCBS Supplier Diversity Page

Clearly the LGBT community is no longer disadvantaged nor unable to protect itself in the business world. Why, earlier this year, national homosexual rights groups got the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry to reverse its position on a pro-business bill (House Bill 600) in less than 48 business hours! Doesn’t sound like the pro-homosexual groups who undoubtedly watch out for homosexual-owned businesses are without influence and in need of help.

In fact, those groups are now doing a pretty good job in intimidating vendors out of providing services to Christian organizations that speak in favor of sexuality within marriage. Yes, you read that correctly; some of the bigger vendors are becoming increasingly unwilling to provide their services to larger Christian organizations that need significant services. Why? They are afraid they will get crossways with the homosexual rights groups that can threaten their own livelihood.

So, why this quiet “announcement” by Blue Cross? Well, here’s some background that might provide some insight. Earlier this year, Blue Cross was criticized by national homosexual rights groups because one of its employees was on the Board of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce when its board voted to publicly support a House Bill 600 that, among other things, prevented local governments from mandating that private businesses adopt pro-homosexual employment policies. Pro-homosexual groups in Tennessee and around the country let the businesses with employees on the Chamber’s board know they were not happy, even though the Chamber reversed its position in 48 hours. So, perhaps to further make up for its “offense” in having an employee part of the Tennessee Chamber’s scandalous support of House Bill 600, Blue Cross felt it needed to bring LGBT-owned companies onto its list of businesses they want to try to help along.

That may be why Blue Cross did it, but if they are so passionate, where were the press releases? Maybe they didn’t want to be too “loud” about it because they didn’t want all their conservative, pro-family premium payers to realize that their premium dollars were going to support the advancement and cultural acceptance of homosexual conduct.

But if all this is so, then the question becomes whether Blue Cross will toe the line when pro-homosexual rights groups demand that it support a state law mandating that all businesses provide specific employment rights to those engaged in homosexual and cross-dressing conduct. That bill has been filed, and you can expect it to be pushed in the upcoming legislative agenda. But the other question is, will Blue Cross’ insureds just sit by in silence if that’s what Blue Cross does?

Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie: A Teachable Moment has started a campaign to encourage the makers of the Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie get married. It would be a teachable moment for young children that they think should not be wasted. I agree there may be a teachable moment here that we shouldn’t let go to waste. But what should we teach?

First, by not letting Bert and Ernie get married and letting them remain friends, we can reinforce the idea that two men can have a relationship without it having to be sexualized. Friendship is a human good that we should nourish.

Second, we can avoid letting the teachable moment go to waste by letting Bert and Ernie be best men at the marriage between Kermit and Miss Piggy. It’s long past time for those two sweethearts to tie the knot.

In one show we can affirm to children the value of friendship, affirm that not all relationships need to be sexualized, and affirm that marriage is between a male and a female … even if, in this case, one is a pig and the other a frog.

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