Replacement of current sex education (SB 1305 & HB 1352)

Full Text: Senate Bill 1305House Bill 1352
Amendments: None
Sponsor(s): Johnson in the Senate; Dunn in the House

As introduced, replaces current state law on sex education with an integrated, holistic approach that emphasizes physical, psychological, economic, and other benefits of abstinence until marriage.  Outside instructors who encourage sexual activities or expose students to “simulated or actual sex acts” may be sued and are subject to a civil fine. – Amends TCA Title 37; Title 49 and Title 68.


Senate:  Referred to the Education Committee on 2/24/2011.

House:  Assigned to an Education Committee subcommittee on 3/1/2011.


Current laws do not define abstinence, which allows all kinds of sexual activity to be taught as consistent with abstinence. This bill defines the terms used in the public school sex education curriculum so that parents know what may and may not be taught and gives parents a right to sue outside organizations teaching sex education if they “promote gateway sexual activities,” as defined in the bill.



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