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Get a quick snapshot of some of the stories about life, family, marriage, and religious liberty covered from a conservative perspective. News is sub-divided into either Tennessee News, National News, or International News, so you can just go to the section you prefer.

Tennessee News

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National News

Center for Medical Progress Slapped with Criminal Complaint

Historically, laws criminalizing secret recordings of conversations were understood not to apply to undercover journalistic endeavors. But if you’re a conservative journalist, you might watch out. On Tuesday, California’s attorney general went against precedent and issued a criminal complaint against … Continue reading

Male Student Asked to ‘Tolerate’ Transgender in Boys’ Locker Room

Without notifying parents or students, Boyertown Area School District in Pennsylvania implemented a bathroom policy that allows biological males in girls’ facilities and biological females in boys’ facilities. As a result, a high school junior referred to as Joel Doe … Continue reading

Theologian Not Inclusive Enough to Keep the Prize

Tim Keller, a popular Reformed Presbyterian preacher and author, was awarded the Kuyper Prize from Princeton University Theological Seminary for his work in theology, but his prize was quickly revoked after students complained about Keller’s lack of support for the … Continue reading

KY Adopts ‘Charlie Brown Law’ to Protect Speech

This month Kentucky’s Gov. Matt Bevin signed into law a bill known as the “Charlie Brown law” that protects religious and political expression in public schools and on college campuses. The law is named after a Kentucky elementary school’s decision … Continue reading

The Instability of Cohabitation

Though many young adults choose to cohabit instead of marry, studies report that marriage is less emotionally taxing than cohabitation and it is better for children and less expensive overall. “Men and women who enter into committed, monogamous relationships are … Continue reading

International News

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