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Get a quick snapshot of some of the stories about life, family, marriage, and religious liberty covered from a conservative perspective. News is sub-divided into either Tennessee News, National News, or International News, so you can just go to the section you prefer.

Tennessee News

Fetal Heartbeat Bill Pushed Back a Week

House Bill 108, sponsored by Rep. Van Huss, which would make it illegal to abort a baby once a fetal heartbeat is detected through ultrasound, has been pushed back a week in the House Health Subcommittee after an amendment was … Continue reading

Motion to Intervene in Knoxville Insemination Case Denied

This week, Judge Greg McMillan of Knoxville ruled that 52 state legislators would not be allowed to argue that a state statute referring to children born by insemination to a husband and wife should not be interpreted in a way … Continue reading

FACT Fights Against Judicial Overreach and for the Integrity of the Family

The Tennessean quoted FACT President David Fowler on Wednesday’s front page as saying, “We can never not be concerned with the integrity and strength of the family.” The Tennessean article discusses the Insemination Statute Repeal, SB 1153/HB 1406. The bill … Continue reading

Senate Bill 127 Referred Back to Committee

Senate Bill 127, which had previously been approved by the Senate Commerce Committee by a 9-0 vote, was referred back to the State and Local Government Committee on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. The bill protects business owners from discrimination by … Continue reading

TN Counselor Group Takes a Chill Pill

The American Counseling Association and its Tennessee counterpart had come unglued in recent weeks over state Sen. Jack Johnson’s bill that prohibited Tennessee’s licensing board from farming out its duty to develop rules governing professional counselors to a private organization. … Continue reading

National News

Seventh Circuit Rewrites the Civil Rights Act

Congress, responsible for writing laws for the country, has repeatedly denied efforts to add sexual orientation to the list of protected classes under the Civil Rights Act. Despite the original intent of the Congress of 1964 and the will of … Continue reading

U.S. Senate Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

In a vote of 51-50 (with Vice President Pence as the tiebreaker), the U.S. Senate passed a bill that overturned Obama’s rule that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood under Title X, the federal grant program which deals with family … Continue reading

U.S. Census Bureau Rejects LGBT Status

Gay activists are angry that they won’t be asked about their LGBT status on the 2020 census. Part of the reason for the complaint could be because being listed as a “category” could ultimately mean federal tax dollar support in … Continue reading

Pence Under Fire for Marital Rules

When was the last time a politician was in the news for good behavior? The Washington Post recently revealed Vice President Mike Pence’s approach to female staff and coworkers while on the job. He originally told The Hill 15 years … Continue reading

Conservative College President Asked to Resign

College campuses, once the bastions of the free marketplace of ideas, are now the most unsafe places to voice opinions as a conservative. In fact, when Dr. Rita Cheng, president of Northern Arizona University, denied the value of “safe spaces” … Continue reading

International News

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