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Get a quick snapshot of some of the stories about life, family, marriage, and religious liberty covered from a conservative perspective. News is sub-divided into either Tennessee News, National News, or International News, so you can just go to the section you prefer.

Tennessee News

Marriage Debate to Continue

Last week the members of Tennessee’s Senate Education Committee were afraid to even discuss the so-called “bathroom bill” because it was too “controversial.” But the same could not be said this week for the members of the House Civil Justice … Continue reading

‘Bathroom Bill’ Goes Down the Drain

Utilizing a quick gavel, Sen. Dolores Gresham, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, ruled that no one wanted to make a motion to consider a bill by Sen. Mae Beavers that would have protected the privacy of students using bathrooms … Continue reading

TN House Votes to Rebuke Nashville and Memphis

Nashville and Memphis city governments don’t like the state’s criminal marijuana possession law. They could ask the state to let them make possession a local civil offense, but that’s too much trouble and the Legislature might not agree. So they … Continue reading

Trump Holds Rally in Nashville

On Wednesday, about 100 state lawmakers joined President Trump during his visit to The Hermitage to commemorate Andrew Jackson’s 250th birthday. Later Trump spoke for 40 minutes at a rally attended by thousands in downtown Nashville about healthcare, immigration, and … Continue reading

One Abortion Bill Deferred, Another Referred to Full Committee

While the fetal heartbeat bill was rejected in the House Health Subcommittee for being “constitutionally suspect” and deferred to next year, the Subcommittee approved Rep. Mathew Hill’s bill that would make abortion illegal after 20 weeks unless the pregnancy threatens … Continue reading

National News

MIT Press Publishes ‘Communism for Kids’ Book

The anti-capitalism book Communism for Kids, which features the principles of Karl Marx with fairy tales complete with cartoon drawings of ‘lovable little revolutionaries,’ is being marketed to children age 3-7. The goal of German writer Bin Adamczak is to … Continue reading

FCA Wins Religious Liberty Case

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) wanted to distribute Bibles during non-instructional time in Mississippi’s Stone County School District, but the group was denied. Instead, the group was only permitted to leave the Bibles on an unattended table. Instead of backing … Continue reading

University Provides Tampons in Men’s Restrooms

The University of Wisconsin-Madison just jumped on the liberal bandwagon by providing free “menstrual products” (i.e., tampons) not just in in women’s restrooms in the Red Gym building on campus, but also in the men’s restrooms. That they were being … Continue reading

States Can Withhold Funds to Planned Parenthood

This week President Trump signed a law that would overturn a rule created by former President Obama that barred states from withholding money distributed under a Title X program that funded Planned Parenthood and other clinics that provide abortion. The … Continue reading

NC Bill Challenges Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

While it’s unlikely to become law, some North Carolina legislators are ready to take on the U.S. Supreme Court when it comes to marriage. On the last day for filing, a handful of representatives filed House Bill 780, the Uphold … Continue reading

International News

UN Gay Rights Envoy’s Conflict with Religious Liberty

According to the United Nations envoy for homosexual rights, the recently appointed Vitit Muntarbhorn, religious freedom should not be considered an absolute and it should be trumped by homosexual rights if there is a conflict between the two. His views … Continue reading