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Get a quick snapshot of some of the stories about life, family, marriage, and religious liberty covered from a conservative perspective. News is sub-divided into either Tennessee News, National News, or International News, so you can just go to the section you prefer.

Tennessee News

TN Attorney General Gives Black-Robed Legislators an Assist

Next week the Tennessee Senate will vote on a bill that would tell courts that any undefined word in the Tennessee Code should be given its normal and ordinary meaning. The bill is needed because judges increasingly like to give … Continue reading

TN Attorney General Unable to Derail Pro-Life Law

This week the Judiciary Committee in the Tennessee Senate moved to the Senate floor a bill that would ban post-viability abortions except where necessary to save the life or physical health of the mother. Though multiple laws exactly like this … Continue reading

TN Will Not Enforce Abortion Regulations

Because the U.S. Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional abortion regulations similar to those enacted by Tennessee’s Legislature, the state’s attorney general, Herbert Slatery, announced this week that the state would not enforce its laws. The one law, enacted in … Continue reading

Voyeur Takes Photos in Knoxville Target Dressing Room

Thanks to Target’s transgender policy, a man was able to easily gain access to the women’s dressing room in a West Knoxville Target and take pictures of his victims with his cell phone for about an hour before being caught. … Continue reading

Set Free From Homosexuality? Don’t Share on Vimeo

Dr. David Kyle Foster, director of Pure Passion Ministries in Franklin, Tenn., and a former homosexual, created videos on Vimeo to help those caught in the brokenness of homosexuality find healing in Christ. But on March 16, he was given … Continue reading

National News

Counteract Today’s ‘Day of Silence’

Today  public school students across the country will observe GLSEN’s annual “Day of Silence” that promotes the LGBT agenda and lifestyle through the guise of “safer schools.” To better understand what is going on in our schools and what our … Continue reading

Trinity Lutheran Playground Case Gets Its Day in Court

The state of Missouri denied Trinity Lutheran Child Learning Center access to a public program that provided groundcover materials to organizations with playgrounds that made the playgrounds safer. The Church’s center was denied because it was “religious.” The case, Trinity … Continue reading

If ‘Sex’ Is a Feeling, Why Not Age?

Thankfully, the Minnesota Court of Appeals recently rejected the claimed right of a man to change the date of his birth on his birth certificate because he “feels most comfortable around people who are 5-15 years younger” and “identifies as … Continue reading

White House Easter Egg Roll Changes Emphasis

Under the Obama administration, the annual Easter Egg Roll became a vehicle to promote the LGBT’s gay parenting agenda. This year, under Trump, the event was about children—period —without some political agenda highlighting gay couples with children. Any adult with … Continue reading

Prepare to Celebrate the National Day of Prayer

Thursday, May 4, will mark the 66th observance of the National Day of Prayer. Since 1952, every president has signed a proclamation stating the importance of prayer for our country, and Gov. Haslam has already signed the proclamation for Tennessee. … Continue reading

International News

New Children’s Book Promotes Homosexuality

A new children’s picture book by two male New Zealanders called Promised Land depicts the adventures of a prince and a farm boy who kissed and then “got married and started their own family.” But as Cornell University professor William … Continue reading

Glaciers Gain ‘Personhood’ Status

New Zealand gave legal personhood status to the Whanganui River last month. India followed suit by deeming glaciers, along with rivers, waterfalls, forests, lakes, and meadows “living entities.” That means these environmental features have the same legal rights as people. … Continue reading

Feminist Thinks Stay-at-Home Moms Should Be Outlawed

Australian feminist Sarrah Le Marquand is trying to outlaw stay-at-home moms of school-age children because she believes lack of gainful employment means these mothers are not contributing to the country’s economy and are not bringing equitable labor among men and … Continue reading

‘Transgender’ Athlete Unfairly Wins Australian Weightlifting Competition

New Zealand “transgender” weightlifter Laurel Hubbard (born “Gavin”) won the women’s over 90kg weightlifting division at the Australian International this past weekend. Though the International Olympic Committee turned a blind eye to the fact that Gavin had an unfair advantage … Continue reading

Canadian Doctors Reconsider Physician-Assisted Suicide

Last year, voters in Canada approved a Medical Aid in Dying law that allows physicians to voluntarily help terminally ill patients end their lives, and many physicians agreed with the legislation. But now 24 doctors in Ontario have removed themselves … Continue reading