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Sometimes abbreviations used for tracking bills on the Tennessee General Assembly ( website can be confusing, so let’s first go through the most used bill abbreviations and what they mean, and then we will track a sample bill.

P1Cpassed on first consideration
P2Cpassed on second consideration
PNVpresent and not voting
s/cstanding committee

View the table below to see what the bill tracking process can look like for an example Senate bill from the first time it gets introduced (at the end of the table) to the most recent action taken (at the beginning of the table).

Actions TakenAction DateInterpretation
Revd. From S., held on H. desk3/18/2017Received from the Senate and held on the desk of the House Clerk to await action by the House.
Engrossed; ready for transmission to House3/14/2017This means the Senate Clerk has put all the amendments into the bill and it is ready to go to the House Clerk’s desk.
Passed S. as am., Ayes 22, Nays 43/14/2017Senate passed the bill, with an amendment.
S. adopted am. (Amendment 2 of 0 – SA0087)3/14/2017Senate adopted Amendment 2 that has a number of SA (Senate Amendment) 0087. The “2” of “0” means that it was the second amendment to the bill, not an amendment to an amendment. For example, there could be a “1” of “1,” which means an amendment was offered to Amendment 1.
Placed on Senate Regular Calendar cal. for 3/14/20173/12/2017On the 12th, the Senate Clerk actually set on the bill on the calendar to be heard/debated on March 14, 2017.
S. Reset on Cal. For 3/14/20173/11/2017On March 11, the Senate had the bill on the calendar to be heard/debated and decided to move it to the calendar on the 14th.
S. adopted am. (Amendment 1of 0 – SA0066)3/11/2017Senate adopted amendment 1 that has a Senate Number (SA) of 0066.
Placed on Senate Regular Calendar cal. for 3/11/20173/7/2017Bill is placed on the Senate Regular calendar for 3/11/17.
Rec. for pass. w/am., ref. to S. Cal. Comm. Ayes 7, Nays 2 PNV 03/6/2017The Senate Education Committee recommended the bill for passage to the Senate Calendar Committee, with an amendment, by vote of 7-2, with no one present and not voting (PNV).
Placed on S. Ed. Comm. cal. for 3/6/20172/28/2017On February 28, the bill was set to be heard on March 6 in the Senate Education Committee.
Action Def. in S. Ed. Comm. to 3/6/20172/27/2017On February 27, the Senate Education Committee decided to defer action until the meeting on March 6.
Placed on S. Ed. Comm. Cal. for 2/27/20172/21/2017On February 21, the Senate Education Committee decided to defer action until the meeting on February 27.
P2C, ref. to S. Ed. Comm.2/4/2017The bill passed on 2nd consideration and was referred by the Clerk to the Senate Education Committee for debate.
Intro., P1C.1/31/2017January 31 was the first day the Senate met after the bill was introduced and passed it on 1st consideration of the 3 required by the Constitution.
Filed for intro.1/30/2017On January 30, the bill was actually handed by the Senator’s office to the Clerk’s office for it to be passed on 1st consideration at the next meeting of the Senate.