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Read about legislative bills that we are tracking through the Tennessee General Assembly that relate to education, including bills about student privacy in bathrooms, school board elections, and social-emotional learning.

Tennessee flag logo and words education bills

Partisan School Board Elections (SB 582 / HB 1039)

BILL SUMMARY Requires school board elections to be partisan races. BILL ANALYSIS Important bill for transparency and voter education. Since Tennessee is mostly Republican, many Democrats have focused on non-partisan elections (school board, municipal office) to assert influence on the … Continue reading

Tennessee flag logo and words education bills

Prohibits Social and Emotional Learning (SB 4 / HB 357)

BILL SUMMARY Prohibits the state board of education from adopting or providing standards or competencies for social and emotional learning (SEL). BILL ANALYSIS Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a process by which students are taught to apply their knowledge … Continue reading