Read about legislative bills that we are tracking through the Tennessee General Assembly that relate to constitutional government.

Solicitor General Bill

TN Senate Bill 1240 / TN House Bill 690 BILL SUMMARY Also known as the Solicitor General Bill, this bill creates the office of solicitor general to be appointed by the Legislature and transfers all the current duties of the … Continue reading

TN Senate Bill 436 / TN House Bill 558

BILL SUMMARY Also, known as the Legislator Standing Bill, this bill allows the Legislature, either by the majority of both chambers or by approval by both Speakers, to do the following: Initiate lawsuits against local governments to challenge local ordinances that … Continue reading

TN Senate Bill 449 / TN House Bill 566

BILL SUMMARY Requires all boards and commissions that currently implement an ethics code developed by a private professional or business association to submit any changes to those codes by those private associations for approval by the House and Senate Committee … Continue reading