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The 2017 bill tracking list is scheduled to be updated online mid-February.

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Tracking Key Tennessee Legislation From a Conservative, Faith-Based Perspective

Every year during legislative session, FACT tracks bills making their way through the state legislature that affect marriage, the family, life, and religious liberty.

Each bill that FACT tracks is listed by its individual Senate bill and House bill number within a specific category. When you click on the bill title or “Read More,” you will be able to read the summary, analysis, status of the bill, and the full text and any amendments.

If there is a certain bill you are particularly interested in, remember to contact your legislator about it, since your input can influence their decision.

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TN Abortion Bills

TN Senate Bill 1770 / TN House Bill 1758

This bill bans abortion after 20 weeks gestation except to preserve the life and health of the mother.

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TN Senate Bill 1769 / TN House Bill 1459

This bill requires an ultrasound be performed before any abortion procedure.

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TN Senate Bill 2240 / TN House Bill 1654

This bill requires written consent from the mother before any research, experiments, or photos can be taken of her aborted fetus.

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TN Senate Bill 2568 / TN House Bill 2577

This bill prohibits buying/selling aborted baby parts or remains and increases the reporting requirements of all abortion clinics and Doctors.

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TN Senate Bill 2522 / TN House Bill 2518

This bill prohibits baby parts or fetal tissue from being bought or sold and prevents the use of fetal tissue for any purpose without consent of the mother.

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TN Senate Bill 1624 / TN House Bill 1709

This bill ensures that aborted baby parts or fetal tissue may not be bought or sold in Tennessee.

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TN Senate Bill 1986 / TN House Bill 2076

This bill allows the financial records of an abortion clinic to be available upon request by the comptroller or a district attorney general.

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TN Senate Bill 1985 / TN House Bill 2075

This bill increases the reporting requirements for each abortion performed and provides for strong penalties if a clinic or Doctor does not cooperate.

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TN Birth Control Bills

TN Senate Bill 1958 / TN House Bill 1847

This bill allows pharmacists to prescribe birth control without a prior prescription from a Doctor and minors would be eligible to obtain birth control though this method without parental consent.

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TN Senate Bill 1677 / TN House Bill 1823

This bill amends the definition of “contraceptive supplies” to include “oral hormonal contraceptives” and “hormonal contraceptive patches.”

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TN Death Penalty Bills

TN Senate Bill 2048 / TN House Bill 2276

This bill effectively ends capital punishment in Tennessee.

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TN Drugs Bills

TN Senate Bill 2321 / TN House Bill 2310

This bill allows local governments to put a question of marijuana enforcement by police on a ballot as a referendum.

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TN Education Bills

TN Senate Bill 2186 / TN House Bill 1905

This bill requires religion in curriculum not be used to promote any one religion, and requires local school boards to adopt a policy regarding religion in their curriculum and provide an opportunity for public comment before the policy is adopted.

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TN Senate Bill 1894 / TN House Bill 2184

This bill requires the state board return to comparative world religion curriculum standards use in the 2013-2014 school year.

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TN Senate Bill 1439 / TN House Bill 1418

This bill prohibits religious doctrine in school curriculum for all grades prior to grade 10, grades 10-12 can have religion in the curriculum for history and geography purposes.

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TN Election Bills

TN Senate Bill 1657 / TN House Bill 1728

Replaces Electoral College with National Popular Vote.

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TN Government Administration Bills

TN Senate Bill 2610 / TN House Bill 2143

This bill creates the office of Solicitor General that will represent the interests of TN in the court systems.

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TN Senate Bill 2389 / TN House Bill 2068

This bill restricts administrative agencies ability to issue regulations without first proving that the action is within its authority.

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TN Marriage Bills

TN House Joint Resolution 528 (formerly TN Senate Joint Resolution 506)

This bill is a resolution recognizing Tennessee’s rights under the 10th Amendment and urges Congress to return the definition of marriage back to the states and restrain the federal judiciary.

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TN House Joint Resolution 529

This bill is a resolution that affirms the lawsuits filed that challenge the issues of federalism and separation of powers that were disregarded in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision.

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TN Senate Bill 2462 / TN House Bill 2379

This bill allows only religious leaders to solemnize marriages.

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TN Religious Liberty Bills

TN Senate Bill 1814 / TN House Bill 1849

This bill reduces the requirements for licensure as a clinical pastoral therapist (CPT), and requires CPT’s to undergo clinical training from the American Psychological Association which claims that gender “non-conformity” is not a mental disorder.

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TN Senate Bill 1556 / TN House Bill 1840

This bill protects the ability of counselors and therapists to refer patients to other professionals if the client’s goals, desired outcomes, or behaviors conflict with the sincerely held religious beliefs of the counselor.

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TN Senate Bill 1761 / TN House Bill 2043

This bill allows for a parent to be charged with a felony if they decline medical treatment in lieu of “prayer” in accordance with their religion and their child ends up with a “serious bodily injury.”

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TN Sex/Gender Issues Bills

TN Senate Bill 2283 / TN House Bill 2057

This bill allows someone to change the sex listed on the birth certificate with just a sworn statement from a health professional or social worker.

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TN Senate Bill 1656 / TN House Bill 1494

This bill requires teachers convicted of any misdemeanor sexual offense arising out of their role as a teacher to forfeit their retirement benefits.

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TN Senate Bill 2387 / TN House Bill 2414

This bill requires students in TN public schools and universities to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their birth sex.

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TN Senate Bill 2000 / TN House Bill 1693

This bill takes away two court defenses for sex trafficking.

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TN Senate Bill 1682 / TN House Bill 1694

This bill increases the penalty for sexual contact by an authority figure and those in possession of child pornography videos.

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