young girl with folded hands in prayer and illustration of America showing all the states on black background

The Foundation of Religion and Morality

FACT stands for the America envisioned by our Founders: a land built upon the foundation of religion and morality.

Over the last century, our religious liberty has come under attack from those who either misunderstand or distort our Founders’ writings. This small minority asserts that government should promote secular thought—which, ironically, is just as much a worldview as any other religion.

But, as George Washington said, “[M]orality cannot be maintained without religion.” Without religious liberty, America will become a land where “anything goes,” morally speaking. What right would we have to jail child pornographers or to stop drunk drivers?

Undeniably, religion protects our families and our society by promoting strong morals. Banishing religious values from the government or stifling the free practice of religion would be catastrophic.

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