We have found these websites to provide useful information for those who want to dig deeper into the issues. Family Action Council of Tennessee does not necessarily approve of or endorse the content of these sites.

Pro-family / Research:

American Family Association
Concerned Women for America
Eagle Forum
Tennessee Eagle Forum
Family Research Council
Focus on the Family


Alliance Defense Fund
American Center for Law and Justice
Christian Law Association
Liberty Counsel
Liberty Legal Institute


Tennessee Governmental Prayer Alliance 
Congressional Prayer Caucus
Intercessors for America
National Day of Prayer Task Force


Citizens for Community Values
Morality In Media


Answers in Genesis
Discovery Institute
Institute for Creation Research


Professional Educators of Tennessee
National Assoc. of Christian Educators/Citizens for Excellence in Education
The Center for Education Reform
Christian Educators Association
Gateways to Better Education



The Cornwall Alliance Pro-life Groups
Tennessee Right to Life 
American Life League
Americans United For Life
Baptists for Life
Democrats for Life
Life Dynamics
National Right to Life
Priests For Life


The Truth Project
Chuck Colson Center for Worldview Studies
Worldview Weekend
Summit Ministries

Writings and Papers of the Founders:

Benjamin Franklin Autobiography
Benjamin Franklin Papers
Benjamin Rush Essays
George Washington Papers
George Washington Writings
James Madison Notes on Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 and Addresses w
James Madison Papers
James Wilson Works
John Adams Family Papers
John Adams Papers and Addresses
John Dickinson Political Writings
John Jay Papers
John Quincy Adams Diaries
Online Library of Liberty