FACT Report: August 17 2016

Common Core 2.0 In Loco Parentis (August 17, 2016)

It looks like the Tennessee Department of Education did not learn its lesson with Common Core.  Through a new educational initiative, the Department is going down a similar path with something even worse. 

The new program is called “Social and Emotional Learning” which teaches things such as “prosocial” behavior and ethical decision-making, concepts that are very subjective and properly belong in the realm of the parent-child relationship.  These new standards are set to be integrated across ALL areas of instruction, so every child will be subject to social and emotional testing, not just those with behavioral or mental health issues. 

This initiative is a potential Trojan Horse for social engineering in our schools.  If we do not take action and contact our legislators, our children may be taught values at school that conflict with values being taught at home.

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