FRANKLIN, Tenn. (October 27, 2015) – The following statement regarding the “Reclaiming our Liberty” initiative launched today by The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT) can be attributed to its President, David Fowler:

“The “Reclaiming Our Liberty” initiative gives Tennesseans a way to have a voice in protecting the liberties taken from them and from the states by the Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges this summer.

“Many Tennesseans were outraged by the Supreme Court’s decision overriding the clearly expressed will of the people of Tennessee on the issue of marriage. But many were equally outraged that in two short years the Court went from saying issues related to the family were matters of state concern to saying they were not.

“We believe Tennesseans understand that if the Supreme Court can take away our rights as individuals and as states to control matters like marriage, then the Court can take away any right and any power a state may think it has. But many didn’t know how they could fight back.

“Reclaiming Our Liberty gives them a way to do that by taking a successful page out of the states’ rights playbook from the 1900s. When Congress would not send the states a constitutional amendment for the direct election of our U.S. senators, the states, along with local organizations and political parties, began passing resolutions demanding that their voices be heard. And eventually they were.

“The fact some Tennessee counties like McMinn and Johnson are already doing what this initiative hopes to support and foster should be a great encouragement to citizens in other counties to stand up and speak out. Perhaps Tennesseans will become the “volunteers” who start a similar spark for freedom in other states.”

Information about the initiative can be found at

The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT), which Fowler heads, was formed in 2006 by a group of citizens concerned about the growing negative impact of public policies on marriage, families, life, and religious liberty. FACT’s mission is to equip Tennesseans and their elected officials to effectively promote and defend a culture that values God’s design for the family, for the sake of the common good. For more information, visit