Find out more about FACT events going on in Tennessee that will help you stay informed and will equip and inspire you to stand up for your values and effectively communicate those values to your elected officials, friends, and neighbors.

Our two mainstay events are the State Legislative Issues Briefing and the Stand for Truth Seminar.

Our first event of the year is the State Legislative Issues Briefing, held annually sometime in February. This is a great event for Tennessee citizens who want to understand and track pro-family legislative bills currently in the Tennessee General Assembly and want to know how to influence state legislators to support good bills.

In the fall, we typically conduct the Stand for Truth Seminar for Tennesseans who want to apply their faith and political activism in the marketplace.

Check back, as we add more events to the calendar throughout the year, and sometimes you might even catch us at our booth for a local event.

State Legislative Issues Briefing

During our state’s legislative session, FACT’s State Legislative Issues Briefing covers legislation being discussed by state lawmakers that we believe is critical to the future of marriage, family, life, and religious liberty.
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Stand for Truth Seminar

The Stand for Truth Seminar is the only Tennessee-specific training available to help you apply your Christian worldview in the community where you live and work. Find out more about this event that is typically scheduled in the fall.
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